Saturday 20 July 2013

When you least expect it........

Out Antiquing....

Last Saturday was a beautiful bright sunny day, so we hopped into the truck and took off

to the 400 Market/ Road Show Antiques. 

Over 30,000 square feet of Antiques........

Everything from soup to nuts!!!!

You never know what you might find....

WELL!!!! To my surprise tucked under and in behind...........

I have been searching for this apple box for years....... It measures 23" x 11"

I have found many over the years on  my travels but way out of my budget range.......

So after digging it out I was amazed it was only $45.00........

YIPEEE!!!! This is going home with me.....

Now this booth had so many items that I could have loaded up the back of the truck with...

But hubby pulled on my reins and said.............

I can't wait to decorate it, .......... for Harvest time.....Christmas...... and, and, and

You see the faux pears that are in it came at no extra well as a few extra pieces that

I'm going to share at a later date.

So can you see why I got so excited...... Now we are on another isle and I spot this little gem.

This small transfer ware soup tureen.

 It may be missing its ladle but It's going home with me.
At $23.00 and made in Japan I wasn't leaving it behind.

Hmmm I can see this as a planter or part of my Harvest display with my other  brown transferware dishes.

So I do believe I had a wonderful day antiquing in this fun Truck.


So when you least expect it.............

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  1. I love that truck ! I have always had a soft spot for vintage trucks ! Sounds like a wonderful day ! Great finds ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  2. Great finds and they ate going to be fun to arrange in many ways. Love love your truck! I bet you turn many heads when you guys are driving out and about.

  3. Sweet truck... and bowl. The thrill of "the hunt" is addicting!

  4. Great finds, I think you did good. Hugs, Marty

  5. Does driving the antique truck make it easier for your husband to enjoy the antique market? What fun! I looked at the link and I thought 'that's my sort of place'. There was nothing like that when we lived in Borden or Newmarket. Lovely finds!

  6. What a wonderful treasure hunt! And what treasures you found! Love the truck.

  7. Linda,
    Thanks for finding my blog now I have found you and became a new follower. OMG!!! I love your red truck that is so darn cute. I want a truck like that to go junkin in!!!!!

  8. That wooden box is a beautiful find Linda! And so is the soup tureen. I can see the box decked out for so many seasons too. Love your little red truck!

  9. I would be thrilled to ride around in that truck!!! It is my dream vehicle!!!!

  10. That apple box is gorgeous!!! Which market were you at? You mentioned that you were in the Brantford area so I'm wondering if you made it to Waterford (where I have my booth).

  11. Such gorgeous pieces that you found. I really love them both!


  12. Great finds Linda...
    I am sure you will make them look fabulous!

    Linda :o)

  13. The truck makes antiquing extra special but those finds would be great no matter how you got there!

  14. Great finds, at great prices. I love them both!
    Can't wait to see what amazing vignettes you make with them.

  15. Oh, to have a cool truck like that. Sounds like a fun day!

  16. I have a thing for tureens and have this same one in red. I didn't know it also has a matching I will be on the search for it! Glad you had fun.

  17. Marvelous finds! Love your tureen and that bowl - I showed my husband the truck - he's working on restoring an old 53 Chevy truck. Love the red color.

  18. I love your red truck and all your fun items! Come link up your post at my party Centerpiece Wednesday

  19. Love your truck, the wood box, and the tureen! You know with a blog called We Call It Junkin, I HAD to look at your post called Antiquing! Saw you on Savvy Southern Style. I'd love to have a truck like that to go junkin in! Take care - Dawn

  20. Love the red truck...The apple box is great find and I can see so many possibilities. Happy Fall Linda