Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Cutest Hippo

I had all this leftover yarn 


OMG!! I had seen this cute Hippo on this blog and I just had to order the pattern

from this afghan

 so what better way to use it up.

Now isn't this the cutest....

So I placed my email order and right away I was able to download the pattern.

This cutie was made with sock yarn and a 2 mm needle....


I didn't have sock yarn so I sent Heidi a message asking her if I could use my leftover
Sure she said why not....It may be a tad big........

So I proceeded to crochet these African flowers............

Now remember hers is sock yarn.......mine worsted weight.........used a 5 mm needle...

I made so many hexagons, many gons............

So then the time came to start putting it together.......Oh my gosh!! What have I gotten myself into!!
This seemed just like a jigsaw puzzle........

Her instructions were great ....but remember my flowers were really big...

Now I'm not exaggerating !!!!

So here folks is my BIG BERTHA!!!! My Happy Hippo!!

I don't know why but her butt is so big and it shows......

I thought that she should have some eye lashes and I used yarn as well for her eyes.

Too many young grands that could pull off a button or two..

Too surprised !! Mine is 29" from nose to bottom.

Heidi's measures 15" from nose to bottom.

Well there sure is a lot to hold on to and cuddle!!

My Happy Hippo!!

Heidi's Happy Hippo!!  Heidi I really tried...........Keep the patterns coming!!

If you get a chance drop by

ps.. I hope I brought a smile to your day!!

                              Thanks for visiting!!



  1. Well done Linda! You have made an awesome Happy :) And I must add that your granny blanket is fabulous...I love the colors! Thank you so much for sharing your's always wonderful to see creative folks' talent!
    x Heidi

  2. How cute Linda! Enjoy your day, Gail

  3. Hippos should have big butts. If anyone can, it's a hippo for sure!!

    Love it. Yes you made me smile. And yes, I think it's a great project. Everytime you show us one of these projects, I think to myself that I must get my needles going again. And then I don't. I'm sitting staring at an uncompleted pile of knitting as I type this. MUST PICK THAT PROJECT UP TONIGHT!!!

  4. Oh my goodness when you said she was so big I had no idea!!! I love it so cute and an armful for a little one to love. Love the colors you that you used.
    Well done. I can't wait to see your Tunsian Afghan when it is finished.

  5. That is just adorable! Good idea about not using buttons for eyes too. Your eyelashes were a cute substitute.

  6. I love your hippo! So cute! Your afghan is gorgeous!