Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Drop Cloth Table Runner Tutorial

                      Drop Cloth Table Tutorial

First things First...

Purchase Painters Drop Cloth

Wash it in White Brite 

Then throw it in the dryer..

While it's drying get your tape measure and measure the length of your table and then add on another 14".
This is so that you will have a drop over the sides. 
Make sure you take into consideration if you add more leaves to the table.

Cut your cloth 17" wide

So your cloth will be 17 " x  eg. 60"

Then cut out your ruffle.

Should measure 17" plus and additional 9 "

For a total of 26" x 10"

Once your fabric is cut you are going to give it a good pressing.
Depending how crinkled it comes out of the dryer you might
want to press it then also.

Now we will start with the main piece.

fold over all four sides by 1/4" and press.

Then fold over again another 1/4" and pin for sewing.

Take it to the machine and sew down you rolled edge.

This gives the runner a nice clean edge..

Now you are ready to work on the ruffle.

Roll over the edges on 3 sides in the same way as the main

Now sew it down.

Now for the raw edge you are going to make gathers.

If you have not done this before, no worries. easy....

Use a long running stitch.  Sew 2 rows leaving a space between each row.

Now use a straight pin at each end.  Start to pull on the threads and you will see they start to gather. 
Once you have gathered wind the thread around the pin to secure it.
Check you width so that the ruffle measure the same as the main piece.  

Example: your main piece was cut at 17" and that you finished the edges to 1/2" on each side. Now your width would
be 16"..

Now your ruffle (gathers) should measure 16"

Now its time to sew the ruffle on to the main piece.

Make sure you put your stitch length back to smaller stitches.
Place them right sides together so that the ruffle is on the main fabric. Not hanging over. 
Stitch the two together.

We are almost done.

Now you should have a ruffle at each end like mine.
Give it another good press.

You can also zigzag your raw edges to prevent them from fraying before you gather your fabric.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

Now let's see your finished table runners.

   I  hope I have given you all the tools to help you.

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  1. Wonderful tutorial, thank you. I found you on Hometalk and am your newest follower :)I would love to have you follow me back. Have a wonderful day!

  2. It all looks very pretty ! I like your header to ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  3. The runner looks great on your table, Linda. Great tip to use the white brite too. I made a similar table runner for our dining table using moire cotton leftover from my wedding dress.

  4. Your runner is so homey and pretty at the same time. Great tutorial on doing a ruffle!

  5. Great tutorial, Linda. I've made a number of table runners but haven't added the ruffle. It gives it a nice feminine touch. Great job.

  6. That is very helpful. The runner is lovely, and paired with the chair covers it's all quite special.

  7. Very pretty, Linda, the ruffles add the extra special touch.
    Debbie :)