Saturday, 7 September 2013

Falls officially here at the White Weathered Hutch


             Fall is officially here at the 
               White Weathered Hutch

                         FALL CENTREPIECE

When I started seeing all falls inspiration out there in                            blogland I knew it was time.

         I couldn't wait a moment longer to fill my dough box                                  full of fall. 


Leaves, pine cones, pumpkins white , pumpkins with burlap.
pumpkins with drop pumpkins.....

Berries and crows and candles just to name a few.

                           Here's a closer look!!

Have you started falling for Fall??

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  1. Yes I have, Linda. I did more this afternoon. I also have cut some hydrangeas this afternoon and hope they dry out nicely. They are a soft pink and green with the white right now. I love the fall colours as they seem so cozy this time of year.

  2. Oh yes, I have definitely fallen for Fall! Your dough bowl looks so pretty all decked out for Fall, Linda!

  3. Very pretty ! Thanks for sharing ! No I haven't yet .. I will fall decorate a bit later when the weather is finally cooler for good lol It was cool and fall like weather here earlier in the week but now it has changed and is humid and sticky again . Have a good day !

  4. This is a great centerpiece, Linda! I used your tutorial for the cute pumpkins that you made out of burlap, except I made mine out of drop cloth fabric. It's in my post that will be going up tomorrow, but I did give you credit for my inspiration. I didn't know you had also made some out of drop cloth, too! They are such cute little things, aren't they? Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial and your inspiration, Linda!


  5. The dough bowl is fabulous! I really have to get going on fall decor.

  6. I am finally on board for the fall takeover. I love your centrepiece. I think I need to take a trip to our local flea market and find something to use for a centrepiece! Fabulous! Of course I love getting a sneak peak at your beautiful pottery in the background.

  7. Very pretty, Linda! I love dough bowls, and they are so pretty filled with fall color!

  8. Linda your dough bowl looks so beautiful with of its fall colors! It makes such a great centerpiece for the season.


  9. I'm sure you'll see Fall before I do! Love your Fall centerpiece. Dough bowls make the best containers don't they?

  10. Linda,
    I love your fall center piece. The dough bowl is perfect for all the fall treasures.

  11. Very pretty! I have just one little vignette in the entry, sort of early Fall.