Monday, 16 September 2013



                             Another bright sunny day!!

                             Do you want to tag along?

                     Jump in the door is open.

                               1949 Ford Pickup

                          Along the way we will stop and shop..........

                               You know where.......some flea markets........

                              thrift stores...........stop for lunch and maybe take in ........

                                    an antique shop or two..........

                        Drive along the countryside..........never main highways.......

                                There is so much to see..........

                  Vendors selling from the roadside ...or up their lanes...........

                                No Sunday Sales..........We are in Mennonite Country....

                                   Fields of corn ....Fields of Hay........


                                         Are you enjoying your tour so far?

                                       Let's stop and shop!!

                      First stop at a flea market shop I found this cute basket to add to my collection.
Do you see where it was made.

It made it's way to Canada and has been well used.
$5.00 is all I paid.

A small building beside the market held plants of all size and colour.
I couldn't resist ... This perennial Anemome  fills the garden with such colour from September on.

This metal Sunflower found at another shop across the road from the flea market.

As we continue driving farther north we stumble on another shop.

A gypsy caravan...

The proprietor of this shop builds these for bunkies .
(sorry I took these pictures with my phone)
But you can still see the detail work.
I would love to have one of these just for guests when they visit.
Or for the grands, they would have a ball.
Price tag on this cute caravan 

No I didn't purchase this but it is priced well!!

But I did purchase these at this shop...

Two window sashes.

Can't wait to paint then and add....

Well you will see .........

I hope you enjoyed your ride......

I will let you know when we plan another outing so you can join us!!

Thanks for visiting !


  1. Thanks for taking me along ... I so love these kinds of drives ....
    I am soooooo a junkaholic!!!! :-D

  2. You had me at the red truck. Just tooling down the road in the back would have been an adventure.

  3. Thanks for the ride along. I love these kind of trips to just go with where the road takes you.

  4. Oh Linda, what a lovely outting! I LOVE that metal sunflower!! Enjoy your day, Gail

  5. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for taking us along!

  6. That was really fun Linda! I love your old truck and just riding around in that would be a blast! I see the trees are really changing there....a lot! I love the caravan/bunkie. What a great idea! Thanks for taking us along. Pam

  7. I think I'd like one of those gypsy caravans for a corner of the back garden. What a sweet hide-away it would be!

  8. You were in Mennonite country? Where? You know I live in that neck of the woods. And I swear, I swear I saw your truck driving along a side road near Tillsonburg this weekend. Wouldn't that have been funny if we crossed paths!!

  9. I'd hop in that truck to go almost anywhere! It's my dream to have one just like it! Fun post. Thanks for taking me along!

  10. Oh yes, a perfect way to spend a sunny, late summer's day, and in such a neat ride! You found some cool stuff, and your pictures are lovely.
    Debbie :)

  11. Thanks for the trip! A wonderful way to spend the day. Can't wait to see what you do with the window panes.


  12. Glad to tag along! Loved the sights and your great bargains. Wish I'd found those windows!

  13. It was fun to tag the red truck, and the gypsy caravan reminds me of the Wizard of Oz!!

  14. This is my kind of day, Linda!!
    Love to thrift...have lunch...PERFECTO!!!
    Enjoy your evening!!

    Linda :o)

  15. Linda this is such a delightful post. I loved seeing the photos on your antiquing trip and love how you 'invited' us readers along for the ride. You are so creative and fun. And I can't believe the great deals you got too. California is so pricey for those same items. I'll check back to see what you do with those windows :)

  16. The window sashes are gorgeous, can't wait to see what you do with them!