Friday, 13 September 2013

Store Bought Mums with tutorial

                 Store Bought Mums from This
                               to This!

Ever wonder how or just would like to change up the pot that comes with these vibrant Mums, Well I will show you how.....

First you need these three :
Garden can purchase this at any garden centre
                            I got mine @ Canadian Tire
String : had it already
Burlap Ribbon: purchased at Joannes

Lay out your burlap ( I used the back of the pickup truck)

Place your pot of mums on burlap now measure up and around
the pot.  I just eyed it and then cut leaving enough so that I could trim it up later. You want to be sure that you have enough so that the string could have something to hang onto.

Next  come the string.  Cut a generous amount of string.

Now this becomes a little tricky, might ask for another pair of hands to hold the string once you have wrapped it around the pot.
Remember the pot is always wider at the top.

Now tie it tightly right close to the top.

(Measure the amount of ribbon you will need plus extra for the bow)

Lastly your ribbon. I chose the ribbon I had on hand but wouldn't a large wired check in autumn colours look great.

Place  the ribbon over the string and tie tightly adjusting the burlap as you go.

Once it is secure now you can trim up your burlap, stand back and admire your work!!

Now that beats a plain old pot....

         Don't you think???

                           Thanks for Visiting!


  1. Easy...Peasy...Beautiful!!
    Great job, Linda...

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Chilly here this am...

    Linda :o)

  2. Great idea I like it ! Thanks for sharing ! Nippy here today frost possible for us here tonight ! Bringing in my geraniums early this year ! Have a great weekend !

  3. Beautiful Linda! I'm getting ready to go outside and do some yard work and then a little fall decorating on the porch. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gail

  4. I like that Linda! Great idea. It really adds to the fall look of the mums. Thanks!

  5. Most definitely beats a store bought pot!!!

  6. Linda this looks great. Good idea to dress those plastic containers!


  7. Anything with burlap looks better, and it always looks wonderful with fall mums! I love your bow, and the colour of mum you chose says autumn.
    Debbie :)