Tuesday, 29 October 2013




                         was held last weekend at the Metro Toronto
                                    Convention Centre 

Of course I attended on the Friday.  A busload of us girls
went down to the big city to attend this fun show.

october 25-27 2013
creativ festival copyright 2013

We walked and walked ... There was every kind of hobby/craft imaginable.
Well since my cupboard is full of fabric I didn't check out the sewing booths, but I did check out the beads and knits.

Graham books was there too and I went prepared with my list in hand.

I had seen this book on KnitPicks and knew I had to have it.
But I didn't want to pay the price on Amazon or the shipping.

I paid $12.00 for this exquisite book plus tx. It was double the price on Amazon plus shipping.  Can't wait to get started on some of the projects.

Don't you just love the cover of this book. It's muted tones.

Well that's not all I purchased.

Now doesn't this book catch your eye. Yup another $12.00.
My lucky day!! 

I also purchased this circular needle for another pair of .........

Yes you guessed it ...SOCKS!!

Thought you might like to see my progress on the pair that I'm working on....

One sock done 

the other half way completed.

This pair is for a child/youth......

I love how the new yarns work up into a beautiful pattern.

Well that about sums it up. 
If you are ever in the Toronto area and this shows on it a must see.

Had a blast.  Hmmm saw some neat beads....another hobby???

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  1. I bet you enjoyed that big craft show, Linda. I love those brightly coloured socks that people make. Fun.

  2. Those socks are super cute Linda...love the colors!

  3. That is what I miss about being near a large city like Toronto. Such great events happen. Looks like sooo much fun.

  4. I used to love going to that show and always got some good deals too. Heading out today to get my circular needles and starting some socks tonight!! I've had the yarn for about a year and haven't started. Today's the day now that it's going to be so dark early.