Sunday, 13 October 2013

Table Lamp DIY

                    Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!!

                                         Ever ask this question.....

                       Do I paint or do I buy?  

          Now you wonder where I'm going with this..

           We have these Ikea lamps that I have dreaded 
                   since the day I  bought them. 

              You know one of those impulse buys.

So yesterday I took out my paints and said what have I got to loose.

I started with this base....

Not sure what kind of wood this is but it took the paint great.

Gave it a light sanding. 

Made sure I gave it a light dusting to make sure all the dust was off.

Now they were ready to paint.

I used this paint that I had on hand.

Once I gave them  two coats of paint  and let them 
 dry 24 hours then I lightly sanded
where I thought it would look worn.

Next I applied a clear paste wax. 
Let that dry and polished it up.

Here's a closer look.

You know that I have seen a similar lamp in PB.

My lampshades that came with the two floor lamps and one table were in also need of change.

So I painted


This is how I did it.

Lamp shades plain white and UGH!!!

So I mixed up some craft paint one part paint to two parts water and applied.

Up and down liberally.

Wanted to give the look of burlap.

 From this 

To this

I give it a thumbs up.

Look what you have and see if painting is the way to go before you throw!!!

As always thanks for visiting!


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  1. I love them, they look totally different and so chic. Great idea to paint the shades too, gorgeous. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. They look great Linda!! Love the power of paint!

  3. You did a great job! I just love re-doing something I already have with supplies I already own. It is so satisfying.

    Enjoyed visiting, Laura
    White Spray Paint blog

  4. Looks awesome, Linda. My family teases me that if I have a brush in my hand, that nothing is sacred from paint! I think your's might be saying the same thing.

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  6. Oh .... 'The Power of Paint ... and 'Patience'. Terrific job! -Brenda-

  7. You gave your lamp a wonderful face lift, Linda!!!
    Mary Alice

  8. Wow Linda, that was a super transformation! I too have many of these boring Ikea items which could do with a little customization! I wouldn't have thought to paint the shade but it really worked. Nice job!

  9. Linda, you did a great job on this lamp. It looks so nice now!