Saturday, 19 October 2013

You know when fall has officially arrived.......

                               The frost is on the pumpkin...

It's time to clean up all the gardens and put them to bed so to speak for another season.

Our  Kale was plentiful this year so with the remainder that I had in the garden I made pesto.

Here's and easy recipe:

saute one sweet onion
3 cloves of garlic 
I use coconut oil to saute in ( 1 tablespoon)
Now add about 1 pound of fresh washed kale.
I use only the leaf and pull away the hard stems

Saute on med low heat till the leaves wilt..

At this time  I transfer it to my food processor.

Pulse till it is all combined.

Kale pesto is so good in quiche.  Follow your recipe for quiche and add about 1 cup of  pesto.

Their are so many recipes for adding Kale pesto.

 Kale is so good for you. A great source of antioxidants. 

I freeze mine in ziplock bags to use over the winter months.

So getting back to the veg garden, we dig up, pull up all remaining vegs that have finished for the season,
now it's time to prepare the soil for the next season.  Mr WWH pulls out the trusty  roto tiller. Goes over the garden over and over again. Now the vegetable garden is put to bed....

Do you have summer plants still blooming?  In some parts of the world I'm sure they bloom all year,
but usually by this time in Canada they have all finished. But my beautiful geraniums are still flourishing .So they stay in the garden till they wilt and die. 

The patio furniture on upper and lower decks have been put away, the gazebo taken down. Plants in containers to compost bin. 
All that remains are 2 rustic bistro chairs and a few house plants.  The fallen leaves from the maples are a sure sign that winter is coming.

For some reason my fern has gone from a small hanging basket on our back deck to this glorious piece of art.

This specimen will be coming in this year.

Here she resides in the kitchen, Isn't she a beauty.

Have you put your gardens to bed..........

                                                     As always thanks for visiting!



  1. No frost for us here yet but it wont be long as I can feel and smell the coldness in the air but I do have flowers still blooming . We have cleaned up the plants and flowers that didn't last as long ! It is a rainy gloomy day here today a good day for lots of cups of tea and book or a movie ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good weekend !

  2. Hey, Linda! Frost on the pumpkin, huh???? Our summer pots are looking so great due to all the rain we've had and a cool summer, that I've left them as is and didn't even pot mums this year!

  3. Ours winters are so different from each other so we don't do as much prep work as you do. We have fairly mild winters compared to yours. We're lucky if we even get snow! We don't put away our porch furniture or anything really. We might have to cover some plants if we're having a hard freeze some nights, but that's about it. My ferns are still thriving outside, but will die if the temps drop too low. I should think about bringing them in like you did. I love ferns year round! My pansies on the front porch are still doing well. Our leaves are still green on the trees! But......they are changing......slowly. LOL! I don't rush it. It will all get here in it's own sweet time. I dislike winter here. It's not very pretty since we don't get beautiful white snow like you do. Every other season is pretty here. Just don't visit in the winter. There's not much to see outside.

  4. Linda your presto recipe sounds yummy!! Your fern looks ferns!

  5. Yesterday was "the" day to do all this. But it was raining all day, so we went to an auction and to the wine making store to order our winter wine. So the answer to your question is, no I haven't put my garden to be fully. The tomatoes are out, the few perennials I cut back are done and the urns in the front changed to fall arrangments. But I still have to store the water feature, move some tenders into their winter storage in the garage and store the furniture. That won't get done till we're back from our cruise (we leave Saturday).

  6. Gorgeous picture of the leaves! We've had such a warm fall, a lot of the leaves have not yet turned, and many of my flowers are still blooming. Crazy! I know we'll be raking leaves soon, though.
    Mary Alice

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