Thursday, 21 November 2013

Easy Crochet Slippers

                                            Now you must agree!!   
                   These are the cutest slippers ever....

                               SUPER EASY!!

Yes you can crochet these cuties in a couple of hours.

I found this pattern at BERNAT.COM quickie slippers.

I used chunky yarn nice and soft........Loops and Threads

Three colours of

                       A large crochet hook US L

I started with the black for four rows then at one end I joined
with ashes crocheted another three rows then joined the white
yarn and crocheted another three rows....... and so on till I reached my desired length for my foot.
These slippers are  crocheted in the single crochet stitch.

****tip**** when joining at the end of a round leave a long tail
of yarn. DO NOT KNOT. add your new colour with a slip stitch and pull taunt with the existing colour. Then cut off.  When finishing up your slippers take a large darning needle and thread your long tails through your slippers. 

Add a cute edging.

When I was finished I added a top edging. 
Well I couldn't stop there I made these cute white laces and hearts.

         First I crocheted a long chain.  This is super easy. 

                 Then  I made these cute Hearts.  Found this 
                          tutorial on
                           How to crochet a Heart....

                  Make four for a pair of slippers or more....

                Thread the long chain (lace) through the top edging
                          then attached these cute hearts. 
                  Tie a pretty bow and there you have it.

                    How many of these cute slippers are you 
                      going to make just in time for the Holiday

                                   Thanks for visiting!

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  1. They are cute ! I don't crochet so for me it would take me forever to make them lol ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  2. Those are cute as buttons!!! And cosy...I am sure!
    Enjoy your evening♥ will probably need them tonight!
    Linda :o)

  3. really sweet, LInda. Now if I can ever get this dog off my lap, I'll finish my socks!!