Wednesday, 13 November 2013

New Front Entrance Reveal

                                  Since moving in 4 years ago we knew that 
                        these stairs,banisters, needed updated.
                           Just one more thing added to our
                                              to do list.

                        Well the day should I say week finally came.
                                      Demolition started.

Hold your horses, lets back up ......  When we moved in the stairs
were carpeted. Our very much loved Lab(Max) had arthritis 
and had a hard time maneuvering the stairs so the carpets stayed.

                              Last Christmas

    carpeting on the stairs and white builder grade banisters.

Our beloved Max passed this year and Mr WWH lifted the
carpet on the stairs and lo an behold the stairs were oak and in 
perfect condition.

                  So after many high quotes on replacing these
                   banisters with Oak  Mr. WWH decided
                        He would tackle the job himself.

Wow I was truly amazed. This was a first for Mr WWH and
he did an amazing job replacing all of it. So now our journey starts.

                    Demolition started, first off ......

Removing the old meant tearing out the newels attached to the walls.....led to drywall problem there ...he's a pro at that.

                  Replacing the base , newels,balusters and railings
                           Mr WWH started with the top. 


Next came...........

                        The top right leading into the living room.


           Again more drywall work.........

Lastly the one that holds the most balusters and are cut on a angle.

Trim is added and staining is done. Next came Varathane.

Love the square newels.  Yes that's Benny he sure has grown.

Well he didn't stop there............

Mr WWH continued on down the stairs. See the carpet on the stairs going down and a metal plate by Bennys feet well that's all been replaced with this.........When the carpet was removed , oak stairs were also revealed. 

                       Looking up from the great room....
                           New Railing in Oak.......
                        Beautiful oak stairs......


Remember the metal plate,  well this was replaced with this....

An oak threshold

Quite the transformation!!

By installing this ourselves we saved thousands of dollars.

Our quotes ranged from $3500. to $4000.

Our cost was $1,000.00

Thanks honey you did an amazing job on these stairs!!

As always thanks for stopping by!


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  1. That really does look wonderful! You were so lucky to find real oak under your carpet. They look so nice. Now you don't have to worry about stains on the carpet anymore. The square posts are beautiful! Kudos to your husband for doing this himself. It looks like a professional did it!

  2. Really looks wonderful great job ! The stair case is one of the things that got us here 4 years ago it is all pine, banister and all ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. must be tickled pink, Linda♥
    Great before and after pics...
    Could you send Mr WWH down to my place for a few days?? PLEEEASE!
    Enjoy your evening..
    Linda :o)

  4. What a nice surprise under your stair carpets! That's great and sure saved you a bundle. I like the new bannister and bullisters with the squared edges. They look really nice Linda. Your hubby did a great job!

  5. You don't often get such a pleasant surprise when you pull up carpet. Your husband is amazing!

  6. Looks gorgeous, Linda. I can't even imagine my husband tackling something like this - you are a lucky girl. Of course, I'm lucky too but not in the handyman department - lol.

  7. What an amazing job he has done. This turned out gorgeous!!!


  8. O, yes....this is sooo much better...much classier. :)
    He really did a good job....and you have a lovely home.

  9. All I can say is, WOW! He did an incredible job. Beautiful, and what a savings!