Saturday, 11 January 2014


                     Trying to keep warm!!!!

As I mentioned in my last post I am crocheting up a storm.

****long post so grab a cuppa of your favourite brew****

Wasn't sure what patterns I would use so I decided to make
a sample of my stitches.

All of the cloths are approx. 8"x 8".

I finished the edges in a single crochet (sc).

             Here is a closer look at my stitches.

As you can see down the side I have noted the stitches that I will
be using in each of my cloths. Now I don't call them dishcloths because they can be used a facecloths.

                    From the bottom up:

                      Popcorn stitch /or Bobble stitch
               ( dc5tog)  double crochet 5 together

                             Double crochet

                            Single crochet

                            granny square stitch
                                (3 dc together)

                               Tunisian knit stitch

                                 Tunisian simple stitch

                               Shell Stitch
                                 ( 1sc 2dc)

So far I have made four cloths....... and here they are:

closer look


                           Love the texture with this
                                 Tunisian Stitch..

                          I could see a afghan made with
                                     this stitch.
       I used a J 10 or 6mm double end crochet hook.
                   This is stitch is so unique. 


There you have it !

Four of my eight stitch patterns.

What's left??

Popcorn/bobble stitch,
Granny square
Double crochet
Tunisian Knit stitch....

Taking the weekend off of crocheting.

See you back next week !

Love to see what you have been working on!

Drop me a line if you are interested in any of the patterns 
that I used.

As always thanks for stopping by!
I love hearing from you!



  1. I love them all but I agree that the tunisian stitch is lovely. It seems that there is a trend back towards large macrame pieces. I was reading that in House and Home magazine and then saw something about it on a talk show. Did you ever do macrame?

  2. I love crochet. Love to see it and own it but I cannot create it. You are doing so well creating beautiful things. The tunisian stitch is interesting and I rather like it. Beautiful work Linda.

  3. This reminds me of a post I read last night - about a blanket made with samples of stitches, and many colours. I loved it - just google Tanna at the Brick Street bungalow - gorgeous!

  4. Saturday night and you are finishing projects - wow! We're watching the football playoffs and not much else.

    Anyways, I love that Tunisian stitch. Can you send me the pattern? Never seen it before.

  5. Wow, you are talented! I'd love to be able to knit or crochet but I don't have the patience. I want to take the needles and throw them across the room. :) I love the Tunisian stitch! I agree that an afghan would be nice. How about a scarf? Anxious to see more of your creativity!


  6. All four are so beautiful!!!! I wish I had learned to crochet but never had the patience .LOL!!!