Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Super Buys Shopping.....


                     Welcome back!

Don't you just love a deal.......well I found a few today.

Now as you all know that Target puts all their Christmas
stock on for 90% off to clear....anything that is red you can be sure to find a deal.

Now I went to the back of the store and there lo and behold a red dish.... Now what are you going to do with that Mr WWH 
says..... Now don't you worry I will find a spot for it.

A red and white bowl ......Sale price $2.74... I was ok with that
but at the checkout ......WHAMMMMO  $.74 is all I paid...
Yes you saw that right. 74 cents...... What a steal......

                     Ain't it purdy.......

Then off to one of my favourite stores...Homesense
same as Homegoods in the US.

Valentine decorated with hearts hand towels. $6.99 for 2.

Now I see a project coming up with hearts.......

These great new hangers that help your garments stay put
        $16.99 for 25,

A over the cupboard door hanger to hold my curly scrubbers and  sponges..........$6.99 on for $5.00

Now off to Costco to do our shopping..... not only food...lol

Love their yoga pants......Kirkland brand
                          $19.99.... love the quality.

Now I do lovvvve Lulu Lemon yoga wear but at $100.00 for a pair of pants is a little too steep for this lady.

So do you see anything that you like????

                       Guess what I will be doing....

         You guessed right if you said cleaning out the closet.

But won't my garments be hanging so pretty....

                        Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. I love a good shopping day like that, Linda. And I need to go to Tarjay soon as it's been weeks I think. I hope they have something left in our store. No Homesense in our city but a Winners which I've visited the last 2 weeks and left empty handed. I also like the Costco yoga pants. They are so comfy.

  2. Good finds . Doesn't make ya feel good when these things call out to you and you save on them ? Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  3. Isn't that satisfying?
    I was in Costco this afternoon and found really nice capri pants for summer, so I bought a navy pair and a black pair. They fit beautifully and at only 16.99 I could easily justify that!

  4. Just spent a couple of days at my BFFs in Oshawa and did my usual rounds to HomeSense and Michael's where lots of things were bought on sale - canvases for an upcoming project 60% off, a new doggie bed for pup at only $`6.99 at Homesense. gotta love a good bargain.

  5. Nice. I also love target. Between their dollar days section and the sales after season, I am so set.

  6. Those were some good bargains! I wouldn't spend a lot on yoga pants either. I bet they are so comfortable. I haven't been to Home Goods in a long time. The towels you found are cute!

  7. Looks like you had a very good shopping day:)