Monday, 17 February 2014

Faux or Real

                         Question: is Faux ok when it comes
                                        to flowers?

While browsing in  Homesense I came across a wide variety of 
faux flowers. I especially love Hydrangeas and Viburnums.
                     These two specimens are very similar in 

               They range in price from $4.00 plus per stem.

                Now Pottery Barn also has a fine selection
      of faux flowers and they show you how to display them.

                       Again a hefty price for faux flowers.

                Another is Michael's they also carry a large
     selection of faux flowers and their price ranges from $5.00
                                         per stem. 

While browsing Pinterest for spring flowers I came across these
gorgeous blooms Viburnum. Or other known as the snowball bush.

Now I have seen these beautiful large blooms in vases displayed
                                    in beautiful settings.

                     I knew these were the flowers that I wanted.
                                But how?? Spend $5.00 a stem......
                                  How many stems?? 
                             At 7 stems $35.00 plus tax...

                             These has to be another way...

                               Why not make them...

                        Yes I made these amazing flowers with
                              tissue paper and a $store bouquet.


                               Add floral beads to cover the
                     Diane @ In My Own Style has an excellent
                                    tutorial on just that.
                     How to transform fake flowers to look Real               

                                 Just add water to make them 
                                           more realistic!

                 I was so pleased in how they turned out!

                               I LOVE THEM!!!!
                        Mine will be displayed in my
                             Blue and White Vase!

                        Before we know it the Viburnums and
                              Hydrangeas will be in full bloom.

                              Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. You must hop on over to My post I did before the latest one.I think You might like it ; )

  2. These look amazing and I am so impressed that you made them. Hugs, Marty

  3. I must be living under a rock because I never knew there was a way to make fake flowers like that. I love fake flowers. All of mine are fake (except the ones I recently got). I even find them at Walmart for good prices and they look good! Yours look amazing in the blue and white vase.

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  5. This is so gorgeous! And so classy in that vase. Oh my!!!
    You had me at hydrangeas~!!!
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  6. So pretty, I couldn't tell if they were real or faux by the pictures. On my way to check out Diane's tutorial. Thanks for sharing, Linda!
    Debbie :)

  7. I would never had guessed! They look very pretty! Off to see Diane's tutorial. Thanks!

  8. Aw....I just love coming over here and seeing your sweet Fergus.
    I think faux flowers are fine, especially when they're very pretty like yours. I only have two faux flowers, and one if them is a tiny pot of African violets, and they truly look like the real deal.
    What I don't like? Dried, dead flowers. Bad juju, I think!


  9. Great job, Linda!
    Linda :o)