Friday, 21 February 2014


                Spring on the White
                  Weathered Hutch


  The sun is shining, the birds are singing!
           Could it be!! A sign that spring is
                  on it's way!!

                      Time to refresh the hutch...

Down came all the red and white dishes and into the sink
to be washed and put away for another season.
                 The large platters were next...

                     Then the hutch got a good cleaning!

                        It's time to change up the dishes!
                            Out came my blue and white 

              Since the birds were singing .......

               out came my feathered friends...

              They flew in and landed here and there.

                      Looks like they might stay awhile.

                          There's eggs in their nest !!

                          Well maybe it's a tad early for birds and
                                                 nests !

                                    So my feathered friends 
                                       out with you and in 
                                             with my bowl 
                                                of lemons!!

                             Spring with yellows and blues!!

Yes that's more like it!

Are you feathering your nest!!

While I was at it thought I would
 give you a sneak peak of 
what I'm working on..

Thanks for stopping by!
I love hearing from you!

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  1. The blues and yellows are so wonderfully spring-like.
    I wonder what that is that you are making!

  2. Fingers crossed for an early Spring arrival!
    Loving the blue and yellow♥️
    What are you making with that lovely striped ticking? Hmmmmmm.....
    Enjoy your weekend,Linda
    Linda :o)

  3. Your hutch looks amazing and I love the blue and white with just the touch of yellow. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  4. Beautiful spring touches Linda! Can't wait to see what you're working on!!!! Enjoy your weekend, Gail

  5. Wow I love all the white- it really makes an impact! The lemons look fabulous!

  6. I love your fresh new look for spring. The blue, white and pops of yellow are very cheerful. I have some flow blue china that I'd love to put out but my hutch is pine coloured wood and they just don't show up as pretty as they do against white. (Painting is NOT and option!) I would love to do a blue and yellow theme against white. Pam

  7. Linda your hutch looks all that blue and white!!

  8. Your hutch looks so pretty with the blue and white dishes in it. I love blue and white together. That's a good idea to change it out like that for the seasons. Keeps it fresh! Can't wait to see what you're making. I like the fabric.

  9. What a breath of Spring! Oh, and I need it badly! Very beautiful!

  10. Linda,
    I just love the yellow and blue. So pretty. Spring has sprung by you with your pretty hutch. Love it all.

  11. FAbulous looking hutch! Oh, I get so excited by the idea of spring that sometimes I overdue it and then I am so down with the snow that never seems to melt but you got me.... feeling like Spring.

  12. Oh yes, the lemons in the bowl really show it off! I love the spring look of your if it would only stop snowing!! (and start to melt, but from the sounds of it...that will be a while)
    Debbie :)