Thursday, 6 February 2014



                                       Another snow day here in 
                                     the Kawarthas!!

             What better way to warm the soul , but with
                       Homemade Chicken soup.

Now I'm sure you all have your own recipe but here is mine.

                      So easy!!

                  This is what you will need.

                 Skinless boneless chicken breast
                  sweet onion
                    rice  (I use basmati)
                    salt and pepper 
                     poultry seasoning
                     veg oil (I use coconut oil)

Let's get started.........

              In a pot I boil my chicken breast for 1/2 hour in 
                             2 cups of water.

             While this is simmering I cut up my vegs. and 
                   start to saute them in my dutch oven. 

                   Once my chicken is done I cut it up into large chunks 
                            and add it to the saute vegetables and add
                                   the chicken water.
                 I then add another cup of water to the broth.

                      Add the seasonings to taste.    
                 I add the rice last since it doesn't take long
                               to cook.

              Continue simmering till the vegetables are cooked.

                           Dish it up in a soup bowl .                 

                        HMMM!! HMMM!  GOOD!

                  Nothing like Chicken Soup on a cold day!

           We had another 15 cm of snow fall yesterday!! 
             These pictures were taken last weekend!
                  We sure didn't need more snow...

         Hope everyone is enjoying your day!

                            Thanks for stopping by!




  1. I copied this recipe down as it sounds so good and it's easy too. I like easy. :) Your table looks pretty with the red, white and blue theme. You have a lot of snow there Linda. It looks pretty. Have a great day.

  2. Your snow pics are beautiful Linda!! Chicken soup sounds good right about now!

  3. Linda, your snow pictures are beautiful and your soup looks yummy! We have snow in our forecast for this weekend! Stay warm my friend, Gail

  4. That soup looks good! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  5. As beautiful as your pictures are, I'm ready to see some green - don't know about you. We actually had MORE snow on Thursday and today means more lake effect flurries.
    But you're on the right track with making soup on a snow day - I actually made split pea on Wednesday. I like the fact that you only use the chicken breast and don't fuss with the bones - quick and easy. I'll have to try it that way.
    Have a great snow free weekend.

  6. We've both had this cold going around so I'm so glad we had lots of chicken noodle soup in the freezer. That's about all we've eaten the last couple of weeks. Instead of rice, I use the no-yolk egg noodles. Just had a bowl. Mmmm good!

  7. I could sure use a bowl of your soup....we both have colds!!!

  8. Delightful table scape, Linda.....yummy soup!

    Linda :o)

  9. Oh yum! Your table looks so warm and inviting Linda. I hope you have some extra soup for me.