Monday, 24 March 2014

BRRRR and a Finish!!!

                                    So Spring has Sprung!!!!!!

                                    Maybe in some parts of the world but not here.
                                                       So I have been staying warm
                                                      by the fire and drinking plenty of
                                                                hot chocolate.


                                            Keeping those hands busy making this cute
                                                           Baby's Blanket...

                                                       All finished and I am so pleased
                                                            on how it turned out.

                                                     Done in mauve's and purple.


                  I started crocheting this back in January with a mega ball
                         of worsted yarn in the light mauve and loved
                              how cute the bobbles looked , but realized
                              they took up quite a bit of yarn and that is
                                  why I added in the purple from another


                                   Not sure at this point who the recipient
                                               will be.


                                Well as you know I must keep these hands
                                                busy.... so here's my next project.....

                                      I have been knitting with James C. Brett
                                            Mega Chunky Yarn.....


                                           It's to finish as a Waistcoat....

                                                                      Thanks for visiting!



  1. Such a pretty blanket you made! I'm sure you have lots of warm ones around your home to use this time of year. Sorry to hear that you're still dealing with Winter weather in the Spring. We have been having strange weather here. Cold one day, and hot the next! Never know how to dress without checking the weather forecast.

  2. Your are lucky to keep your hands busy & produce such beautiful things, Linda. Spring is really teasing us this year, isn't it?

  3. Love that bobble stitch...I call it popcorn stitch...great job!
    Man, that knitting is awesome...that will be beautiful...for you?
    Hang in there...Spring is creeping in....slowly!
    Linda :o)

  4. You are just like me - I always have to have my hands busy.

    I am working on a yellow and white striped baby blanket.

    Your colors and the pattern are gorgeous.

  5. I so admire people who can mom tried to teach me years ago, but I was too impatient to sit and learn!...Beautiful baby blanket and love the colors...and love the peek of the waist coat!!!

  6. I love the things you knit and I think it is a great talent to have. It is still cold in NJ too, it never seems to end!! Stay warm.


  7. LOVE the purple of the baby blanket! It was so cold here yesterday that I had to keep Finlay wrapped-up at the barn. What happened to spring in the Deep South???

  8. The baby blanket is pretty and will make a lovely gift. Love the colours and texture of the waistcoat too. I also enjoy keeping busy with needlework.