Thursday, 27 March 2014

Painting on Fabric

                                    Easter's on It's Way!!

             Well maybe not quite yet!!

             While searching through PotteryBarn
              catalogue I saw these cute painted 
                   pillows of Bunnies.

              Hmm why can't I copy that.
                You know how I like to be
                     a copy cat..... so

               My gandaughter was here over
                  March break and we painted
                      Bunnies on Fabric.

                   A fun easy project
                         a bunny 
                       transfer paper
                       white cotton

                 After the painting dried I 
                   sewed the cotton on to 
                  and made these cute

                 My grand daughter is only
                          10 and she loves to 
                        draw and paint.

                   So does her Nana
                   and here in mine.....


            These were so much fun to make...

                                                Thanks for stopping by!


               (decided to add a cute pom pom


  1. Wow, these are adorable, Linda! You both did a beautiful job painting these cute bunnies. I think your granddaughter is as talented as her Nana. :)

  2. Your blog looks like Springtime. I love the quilts you have made! Wow, what treasures!

  3. I love these pillows . I have seen the ones with all kinds of birds , animals and flowers on them they so pretty . I haven't been to a pottery barn store in ages could be because we don't like going to the city lol ! We have small towns with stores but no pottery barn store . I guess one could get burlap type material and a stencil and paint on them and make pillows . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  4. How wonderful to have a granddaughter to paint with...I love these pillows Linda. But I love the memories you're creating more :)

  5. How cute Linda! I absolutely love them. Your granddaughter must take after her artist! Enjoy your evening, Gail

  6. So cute. Do you get to keep hers. It will always be your favorite.

  7. Good for you guys!
    Great project with your granddaughter...she must LOVE when she visits you♥️
    Enjoy your weekend, Linda

  8. Oh so cute! You both did an amazing job!

  9. Oh, Linda! They turned out so cute! What a fun Easter craft. You're a great Grammie!!!

  10. How cute! I like the pom pom you added for a tail.

  11. So sweet, Linda. I love how you do all these crafty things with your granddaughter. Maybe one day, I'll have a granddaughter to do this with too. For now it's fishing and video games with my two grandsons!