Saturday, 15 March 2014

Scrappers, Scammers .........


                                            Haven't gone anywhere yet!!

                                             Hope you will stay awhile.......

                                        The last few days I have toiled with the idea
                                                 of packing it in....


                                                      no more blogging.

                                      Then after talking to Karen at Sew Many Ways
                                      I realized that I love sharing all my creations
                                     whether it be sewing,quilting,knitting, crocheting
                                     painting, crafting.......and I especially love blogging.

                                                        Why don't I truncate my blog.                     
                                            Karen explains how to truncate your blog.


                                                 Why should I let these SCRAPERS
                                                          take hold.....No NOT ME!!

                                          Then Karen sent me to this site.
                                  Susan's wonderful blog" Between Naps On The Porch" on
                                                       Blog Scrapers

                                       STOP SCRAPERS FROM



                             When I started googling,  my blog name came up on a site that had stolen my
                                   pictures linking back to me just

                                     Who would do such a thing??

                                            I had no idea that after all the work and time
                                                 it goes into posting on your blog
                                                      that as soon as you hit  
                                                       the publish button.....
                                             Boom a scraper has already taken your

                                 First I thought only my DIY projects were taken,
                                all I saw were pictures......and yes I watermark everything
                                   but that does not deter 1% of the bad guys.
                                 As Karen mentions there are 99% of us that are honest.
                               I don't mind if you take my pictures and link them back to me
                                  or Pin them on Pinterest......I am overjoyed that you want to
                                             follow my my creations.

                                      What blew me away was that I found through Siteliner
                                         A blog had named themselves after me in the UK and had
                                               taken all of my posts and copied them to this site.

                                      Not only copied them but were they getting paid 
                                        when ever any one went to that post?

                                  So I am now prepared to deal with these 1%.

                               Thanks for all your help and comments regarding
                                                Invasion and copyright.



  1. Thanks so much for this Linda. I'm going to do the truncate thing soon. I've seen it on other blogs and wondered why they did it. Now I know!! Glad you got the help and will continue blogging my friend. Blessings, Pam

  2. You better not go anywhere, my friend! Seriously though, this ISNA terrible problem that needs to be addresses on a deeper level. The biggest issue with the internet is the lack of security. I'm glad you've taken some steps to waylay these thieves (for lack of a better word). The info you provided will help many of us.

  3. Glad Linda you are going to fight back and stay in blogland. Don't let a few of the " bads " take away the good.

  4. You have a lot of great information here, thank you for sharing. I hope you don't close down your blog! The blog I write in now is fairly new, so I don't think I'd have a problem, but this is still good practice for anyone writing online! I always watermark my pictures, and I truncate my feed, but reading the links you provided, I think I'll start some of the other protection ideas, too.
    It really makes me sick the way these people steal content...if we all fight together, maybe it'll put a damper on their practices and hopefully get them all shut down!
    Debbie :)