Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Invasion and copyright


Has this been happening to you......

When I typed in white weathered hutch up came 
homes channel .net and just about every diy project that I have done
has come up to download without linking back to me.

There is no place to leave a comment asking nicely for them to remove these .....

                       Can anyone help me with this??



  1. :O I don't blame you for being so angry. How did you figure it out? Maybe if some of your readers went over there and shamed them they'd remove the content.


  2. I wonder if it has anything to do with your association with "Hometalk"?
    Everything we put on the internet is up for grabs...I even found some of my pics on Pinterest!
    I always thought people were supposed to ASK for your pictures?
    Keep us posted on your progress...good luck Linda. ♥️
    Linda :o)

  3. What a nightmare.

    I know that once pictures are on things like facebook, Pinterest, blogger, etc., then anyone can use them. My husband is a professional artist and his images are on both facebook and his own website. He sometimes sees one of his images being used by someone else and they have always removed it upon request. He does put a watermark in a prominent spot on his images so people can't reproduce them.

  4. Oh dear. I'm so sorry Linda. And I have no idea how to fix this problem either. Let us know how you make out. Check out the blog "Sew Many Ways" as she has a lot of info on her blog and may be able to help.

  5. Hi Linda, I went to their page and at the bottom there is something called "DMCA Disclaimer". I clicked on it and it said if anything on the page was your personal property and you wish it to be removed click on the following link. You might want to try that. I hope this helps. ~Beth

    1. Hi Beth I tried this earlier and you cannot copy the graphics that they ask you too at the bottom of contact us.
      Every time I go on this sight they have added more pictures of my blog. Maybe you can see another way????

    2. Linda I tried to contact them and it kept saying my flash player needs updated and when I clicked on that my anti-virus told me this was a dangerous page and possible virus. I don't really know what else can be done at this point. I am so sorry. I hope you can figure something out. ~Beth

  6. At least your pictures are water marked. Sounds like Beth may have given you the best advice.

  7. Oh Linda, how awful! I hope you can get it resolved. Keep us posted.

  8. I think if your pictures aren't copyrighted, you can't legally do anything. They become "public domain". I've seen some of mine on Pinterest but I don't copyright or even watermark mine.

  9. This site is owned by someone in Russia and it looks like they've stolen stuff from everywhere. I can't imagine that anyone really looks at it. It's so disjointed, such a mishmash of things and so obviously not legit. Unfortunately I doubt there is anything you can do. I tried e-mailing them to and I couldn't either.

  10. I am no help at all. I hate when these kind of things upset us so. Try to let it go, its not worth the worry when people who are not upstanding offends us.
    Now if it happens to me I may scream also LOL

  11. That is horrible Linda. I hope you can get it removed.