Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Colourful Easter Welcome



                                 It's Easter Week!!

                           Right now it's snowing here just north of the city
                                  of Toronto, Ontario.

                          We have about 3cm and it's still snowing.

                         So I wanted to share with you my Colourful
                                  Welcoming Easter Porch.

                                           I put this display together on the weekend
                                 since the snow was all gone and the
                                  temps were in the high teens celsius.


                                       First I put down the wreath that I added
                            on plastic colourful eggs.
                                  Then I added some faux
                              forsythia branches and 
                                     red dogwood.

                                Hung a few of the eggs off
                                       the branches.

                     The out came my weathered bistro chair.
                                                          I then added a pink
                         geranium that I had overwintered.

                                              No worry I brought in the geranium
                                      the same day.

                        Here is winter on the front porch.....

                 Here is spring.............

So tell me do you prefer 



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  1. Very pretty Linda...love the forsythia and eggs in the urn!!

  2. Oh I love it. the forsythia is so pretty and the eggs are perfect. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me Party that is ongoing. http://www.astrollthrulife.net/2014/04/212th-inspire-me-tuesday.html Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty

  3. Very pretty Easter decor ! Yup snowed here to it is very wet snow and already melting as the land is warm now. Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. Very pretty Linda! I love both of your displays!! Perfect for each season. Happy Easter to you and your family, Gail

  5. That was a cute idea to make a wreath out of plastic eggs to go around the base of your flowers. We're getting a cold front blowing through us today too! It's very windy and cold. Feels more like Winter today than Spring. What in the world???

  6. Oh, I prefer spring but both your arrangements are sweet. Good thing the snow won't last.

  7. Oh I love how you used that wreath!! Looks terrific!

    All my pansies, crocuses and daffodils froze in the cold last night! Darn crazy weather.

  8. Your porch looks so pretty, love the bistro chair. Happy Easter!!


  9. We had snow on Tuesday too, but I wasn't surprised, we always get snow in April. I have to get on my husband to move that planter at the front door so I can do some spring decor too, at least I got the Christmas stuff out, just the greens left. Your front porch is so springy and looks great!
    Debbie :)