Thursday, 17 April 2014


                                          It's Easter Week!


                         Here is one of my favourite Easter flowers..

                             Daffodils and Pansies..

                                 ok maybe two!!


      While browsing the isles at my local garden store I'd seen these
                         bowls made up with pansies and alysum.

                                      Their price was $14.99

                 That may sound  reasonable...but not for me..

                                Then I spotted these daffodils...

                                           A full pot of minis only $6.99...

                                 So they went in my cart ....
                                          Next I spotted these beautiful
                                                         only  $.99 cents.....

                                So they came home with me as well.......

                                        I took my pot of daffodils and added in the
                                                         pansies.... and wa la......
                                                      There you have a beautiful
                                                          arrangement for only.....


                             So the title of my post read VIGNETTE!!

                                     So here in the corner of my living room
                                                      sits another vignette....

                                    Notice the brass lamp in the background...
                                                 You know they are back in style...

                                          So I updated mine by adding a new shade...

                                                Happy Easter!!

                                                     Thanks for stopping by!



  1. That looks so pretty Linda...Happy Easter!!

  2. Your flowers are stunning. Happy Easter.

  3. Sweet vignette . . . beautiful flowers . . . Happy Easter

  4. And, you can plant the bulbs in the garden and enjoy them again next Spring!

  5. That is a very pretty vignette! I love pansies. I would like to plant some before it gets too hot. Your flower combo looks great.

  6. Such a savvy shopper.......guess too! Hahaha!
    Got the stuff for my front planter, but too darn chilly today..hopefully in the morning!
    Love your blue bunny...
    Enjoy your Easter...
    Linda :o)

  7. Looks terrific! I basically did the same thing with a hydrangea and pansies. Half the price of the pre-done one.

    I would post about it, but I'm still trying to figure out WordPress.

    Have a great Easter!

  8. I am so behind, I usually have some pansies and spring flowers by now but I haven't even been to a gardening centre yet! I really have to go...tomorrow...I'd love to have a couple of arrangements around for Sunday's Easter dinner like you've made...they sure say spring and look wonderful! And so much cheaper than the ready made ones.
    Debbie :)

  9. One of the attractive things to do this summer is picking flowers in the garden and celebrates Easter week! It reminds me of yesterday Linda. The daffodils are my wife’s favourite, and it happens to found daffodils in our cabin which resembles exactly like the beauty of yours! Beautiful!

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