Friday, 18 April 2014

Busy hands... another finish

                               Hope everyone is enjoying 
                                   this Easter weekend!

                      I just can't sit idle ..

            So when we are watching tv in the evening my hands
                                  are kept busy.

                    Thought I would share with you my latest.....

                               In the dishcloth series.....

                             This pattern is called Crocus....
                                    I thought it was fitting since
                                          the crocus's have started 
                                                    to bloom.

                               Thank goodness they have come out
                                      with some bright colours in 

                                    I fell in love with this green.


                             If you are interested in crocheting this
                                           pattern go here.


                              Thanks for stopping by and visiting
                                           this busy weekend.

                               Just made a vegetable lasagna..
                                  to add with the turkey that we are
                                         having on Sunday.


                                    Recipe to follow......



  1. Such a pretty bright green . Very nice and Lasagna looks YUMMY ! Have a wonderful Easter weekend !

  2. The lasagna looks amazing :) We always try to have a dish for the non-meat eaters in the family... I've added zucchini before but eggplant is a great idea! :)

  3. And the crocuses will be in full bloom after a day or two of warm weather! Perfect for Easter!
    Love the bright green of this dishcloth!

  4. That is a pretty shade of green. I know how much you love to crochet. I'm sure you'll have something pretty made with that new yarn soon.

  5. I don't know how to crochet, but last time I was in Michael's, they had yarn on sale. So I picked up a skein and a crochet needle...thinking when I have some spare time I'll teach myself how to. (what is spare time??) And I really like that green you have.
    Debbie :)