Tuesday, 22 April 2014

AMIGURUMI Dolls and Animals....Another finish

                 Easter has come and gone!

                Hope everyone had a great time with
                          family and friends!

              While my time should have been spent
                      preparing for dinner and the
                         busy weekend I was
                          busy making
                     AMIGURUMI DOLLS
                         and Pets!!

              Meet little girl KATE and little girl Kate..

                        No I haven't lost it...

                  One came out larger than the other...

                     one pattern same doll...

            This pattern is by Jenny and Teddy.
                       Finish size 5-6 inches.
              Now this all depends on the yarn you
                          use and the hook size.

              As you can see in the following pictures
                         I used 2 different yarns  
                             and hooks.

                    Kate here is about 8" tall.

                        Kate here is 5" tall.

                  Then I couldn't resist when I saw this
                         cute puppy....
                 Harvest Moon by Studio Ami.

                       He measures 4" from head to tail.

                    Looks like I have started something..

                      My grands have put in orders for
                          a golden retriever , a siamese cat,
                               jiggly pup.....the list goes on.

                             Keeps me out of mischief..lol

                        Thanks for stopping by!




  1. They are all so cute! I like how safe they are for little ones too. No plastic pieces etc.

  2. They are all so precious! I love dolls and make some animals but I've never tried to crochet any. They are sweet sweet sweet! Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  3. Oh - so adorable. They just make me smile.
    Love the handmade!

  4. Cute as buttons♥️
    I posted my teddy bear....
    Linda :o)