Monday, 28 April 2014



                       It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood........

               You know you must buy it when you see it....
                     if you don't then it will be gone..

                      I'm talking about this Urn..
                           Had to have it....

                       STOP THE CAR...

    What that old thing...hubby ... it's all rusted....

                     Yes but look at it....

 This was a couple of years ago and I used it for a bird
bath stand.....

                  It was white and rusting out...

                 I thought last Christmas I would bring
                 it closer to the house and add some
                        christmas greenery....
Well I did just that then the winter set in and you never saw it.

                  The snow buried it......

Because I placed it close to the driveway and all the snow that 
hubby blew all went in that direction.....

             So the beautiful day that it is today I decided
                    to clean it out and to my surprise ..
                         Look what I found growing
                              under the pot.....



                   Can you imagine my surprise...

                 They grew regardless of light..
 So do I move the urn even though I love it there.
Do you think the tulips will grow.....and flower.....
                     I'll keep you posted.

 Now this URN needs painted or do you like the patina 

          Just had to show you my crocus before they finish..
                            Love the bright yellow.

                                Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. LOVE that urn with it's fabulous patina...I say NO to painting it!

  2. Oh I love it just the way it is, perfect. Hope the tulips grow, they are wonderful.

  3. What a pleasant surprise! I LOVE the urn just the way it is and I too say NO to painting it!! Enjoy your evening, Gail

  4. Lovely Spring blooms!
    The Urn looks great the way it is!
    Enjoy your week....

  5. I think I like the patina of the urn as it is! What a great surprise to find a tulip growing inside it too!

  6. Don't paint it! It's perfect the way it is. I guess the squirrels were busy moving around your tulip bulbs over the winter - I know I have lots in odd places (nothing so interesting as your surprise though).

    Enjoy this rainy day.

  7. I love the patina...I wouldn't paint it either! And I bet your tulip will bloom for you, it looks like it gets a bit of sun.
    Debbie :)

  8. I think I like the rusted look of your urn. What a surprise to find the tulip growing in it! I hope it survives.

  9. Ah, Mother Nature sent you such a pretty little surprise!
    I like the look of the rusty urn too.

  10. Everything ok Linda?
    Long time no hear.....

    Linda :o)

  11. That little tulip must be doing just fine. Maybe she's just a little shy?
    Love the urn, nice patina.

  12. The little tulip found a wonderful home!