Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Keeping it simple for Easter!

                                                Easter's just around the

                              Thought I would pare down 
                                on the Easter decorations
                                      this year

                                     Keeping it simple....

                       Love the apple blossoms ...
                         and the pussy willows....
                              and mr. Bee ..can you see me.....


                      Easter Bunny and his homemade carrots
                           a wee nest with some eggs and a chick
                                     or two....


                          Some glitter eggs from last year..
                                  and a cute wee white bunny...

                             Oh and the turquoise eggs in their
                                   nest ....egg cups come in handy...

                                        Keeping it Simple!

                                            How do you decorate for Easter?

                                             Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Sweet decor you have for Easter. We have been coloring eggs.

  2. It looks very pretty Linda. I enjoy putting out eggs and bunnies and nests and a few faux spring blooms. I love the pastel colours of spring. Your bouquet in the vase is really pretty. Enjoy the day.

  3. Love the simple! The nest and eggs add the right touch!

  4. You are all ready for Easter now! I don't decorate for Easter like I used to. When the kids were little, I used to decorate outside with giant Easter eggs in the yard and hang something on the front door. Now, I mostly just treat it like any other day (decor wise). Guess I've gotten lazy in my old age. I bet your grand daughter will like your rabbit!

  5. It's all so pretty Linda! I've done my Spring vignettes and have added some eggs and bunnies here and there other than that, I kept things simple too. Enjoy your day, Gail

  6. Simple is the best way - I use natural elements like bird nests, onion dyed eggs, pussy willows and spring flowers. This year, we aren't having Easter but a Springtime celebration to respect my DIL's religious beliefs (or non-beliefs?). Another story for another day.

  7. I love the pretty blossoms! I'm keeping it simple, too, because Finlay is keeping me so busy! I'm actually only decorating the breakfast room this year. Your decorations are pretty!

  8. This is so so pretty....