Sunday, 13 April 2014

What's on your table!!

                                 Good Sunday Morning!

                     Ever wonder what to put on your tables?

                                        I do!

                   Do you keep it simple????  Maybe a bowl of fruit...

                      Well I try to keep it simple then...
                          I just can't help myself....



                  Here I have my wooden tote filled
                              to the brim....

                     Too Much!! No I don't think so!!

                  Or what about coffee tables..
                         Are they kept simple..

                            Maybe a magazine or two..

                             No NOT ME!!


                 I like to fill my antique dough bowl

                        Or a small corner table...


                           Yep you guessed it 

                   Looks like I have a yellow theme
                              going on here..
                       Well after all it is Easter!


                So what's on your tables????
                      Love to hear!

                      Have a Fantastic Day!!

                       Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lots of stuff too but not pretty like yours! Yours look great. Hm, maybe I should corral my stuff too! :)

  2. It all looks so pretty. Love your displays.

  3. Love your arrangements. I am usually fairly simple in that, candles and sometimes my favourite little boxes grace my table tops. I usually switch it up a lot as I think you do. It always seems to me like the quickest hit of change.

  4. I am just like you, Linda!
    The more.....the better!
    I love everything!
    Enjoy your new week....very humid here today...
    Rain is headed in!
    Linda :o)

  5. I love that dough bowl you're using! Looks like you've found a place for all your pretty Spring decorations.

  6. Hi Linda, it all looks so pretty! I try to keep things simple but somehow I just keep adding....LOL!

  7. I tend to do the same thing...I feel like I have to fill every flat surface. I do like the idea of corralling my things in a tray, bowl, box, etc. like you did. Makes it easier for moving them. Your spring touches are so pretty and must make you smile!
    Mary Alice

  8. I cleaned everything off, and right now there's just a huge serving bowl with plastic Easter eggs. Tacky, I know, but I'll be filling them with goodies either tomorrow or Tuesday. ;P
    LOVE the dough bowl! SO neat.

  9. It all looks so fresh and spring-like!

    I change up my kitchen table according to the seasons too. Right now it has a mesh cloche filled with a nest, bunny and some succulents, a stack of earthen ware dessert plates and a porcelain bunny. It will change up after Easter with a tote I'm making from an old chicken feeder (I'll be posting about it today).

    My coffee table has a Bombay photo tray which I redid and its filled with an orchid, a metal fleur-de-lys and a Chinese bowl (it sounds weird, but it works).

    I love changing things up seasonally. It keeps the "bones" of your decor so fresh.

  10. I love your spring Easter decor.

  11. Beautiful and so cheerful. It's fun to change arrangements for the seasons. Happy Spring Linda

  12. I love all the spring and Easter displays on your tables. They are really sweet! The pink bunny you crocheted is adorable!

  13. Hi Lind, I am loving all your tables for spring. Very cute collection of nest and the box on the table is filled to the brim, so pretty. Love that bee. Playing catch up.