Friday, 13 June 2014

Mini Garden Tour and a new Basket

                                     Welcome !

                       Can you believe it's Friday already!!

                       This week has flown by......

When out antiquing one day last week we came upon a cute little town north west of us.

                                   Cute small country style stores....

One that caught my eye was a garden shop with all these unique displays.

                                     Look what I brought home.

              The basket is what sold me....inside a variety of plants and one
                      broken winged angel....covered in moss and
                                      strips of birch bark.


                               Perfect for my front entrance.

                   I decided to forgo the basket in the large black urn and
                            planted a blue hydrangea bush. It's just started to
                     produce it's blooms ...I'll show you progress in another post.

                               A cute aged bistro chair with a pink geranium.

                               My bench holds colourful cushions.

                                     Beautiful colour in my wall hanger on the garage.

                    My side garden facing the east is finally showing some
                                     foliage ....notice the urn with the all the floweres.
                                       now look again.....see anything different.

                                           Yup!! Painted the urn .......

                              A grouping of sap pails and my weathered welcome sign.

                                           Love the colour of my bush that covers the well.

                                               Look beyond and you will see another find.

                                                          My concrete bird bath.

                                   Now that was a buy at $40.00. Been looking for a number
                                       of years for an old one and finally I found this one.

                                            How's your gardens growing?

                                           Thanks for stopping by!
                              Love hearing from you, leave a comment!


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  1. I really like the basket you found Linda. All your flowers look amazing already and you have some nice arrangements and flower beds. I love spring and summer with all the beautiful colours! Enjoy the weekend.

  2. well, i dont have an outer garden but my inner garden is overflowing with blooms. looks like you are all set for summer. great colors, great finds. you have such a handsome-looking and peaceful yard. enjoy linda! and have a super weekend. cheers!!

  3. Your landscaping is so pretty! I love the basket you found and the pretty pillows on your bench. Everything looks very cheerful and inviting.

  4. Your garden looks so pretty, Linda! I love the basket with the sweet!

  5. A broken winged angel! How sweet.

    Thanks for sharing pica of your garden. It looks great ☺

  6. Love the basket and love your beautiful garden...I love taking a drive and finding unexpected treasures!! Have great weekend!

  7. Linda your gardens look beautiful and I LOVE your new basket!!

  8. Your garden looks beautiful! I love the basket with the angel. The sap pails are fabulous. I love them.


  9. Baskets are such interesting containers to start with because of their textures, and then you put in plants and ornaments. POW! Nice impact -- thanks for sharing your beautiful garden.

  10. Very pretty! I am loving your sap pails and gorgeous flowers! I added this to my StumbleUpon account too, so hopefully you'll get some wonderful traffic from there too!
    Thanks so much for linking up with us at the Table It Link Party :-)