Monday, 9 June 2014

Estate Sales

                                     Good Monday Morning!
                             What a beautiful weekend it was!!

              Estate sales, yard sales, moving sales.........

                             Yep it's that time of the year.

A dear friend of mine sent me an email that she was having a moving sale and sent
           some pictures my way of  some of the items that she was selling.

                        (didn't know she was moving)
                             (so sorry to see her move)

Well I'm so happy that those pictures came to me because right away I saw this table.
                    sent her back a message how $$ and then told her I would be there
                           the next day to pick it up.  

              She said it's sold to you and posted this on her sight.
                  She was so delighted to have it going to my home.

                  Here is this sofa table made of solid pine.
                        Excellent condition at an excellent price.

                           I had a vision that this sofa table would fit in
                               the hallway just as you come up the stairs.

                  But it was too long....Hmmm wouldn't you know it!

                            Then a light bulb went off!!!! I know the exact
                                       place where this will go....

                                  Fits to a tee and it's the same patina that
                                         my bedroom furniture is.

             Then when touring my friends home I came across this mirror.

                      So the price was right and it came home with me.

                          At first I thought I would hang it in the guest room
                                   but hubby had an alternative spot...

                             So we both agreed it should be hung at the front entrance
                                                      of our home.

                                              Love the patina on the mirror.

                                Can you see that this was made out of a clapper door.

                        Have you stopped  at any estate sales,yard sales, moving sales

                                As always thanks for stopping by!
                                  Love it when you leave a message!!


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  1. Both of those pieces are wonderful! I love the legs on that sofa table.

  2. I can see why you needed both pieces - they're great!
    Clapper door? I love it - we just call them Screen Doors.

  3. i am both jealous of and happy for you. you find the best home furnishings!!!. they look super fantastic. ENJOY! cuz i know you will. wonderful. cheers!!

    1. p.s. no havent been to any sales lately. cheers!!

  4. Bobby stole my comment!
    Very jealous of those purchases!
    Saw some garage sales on the way to the cottage...but, just junky stuff!
    Not quality like these!
    I have the same slammer door on my front here at home!
    Now I know what to with it, if he wears out!
    Have a great week Linda....
    Linda :o)

  5. Love your treasures that table would look great in my bedroom.
    Lucky girl!!

  6. Love love love the sofa table. I was hoping when you said it would not fit that maybe you would send it my way LOL! Great treasures.

  7. Great finds! The mirror is my fave.

  8. Love that mirror!! And the table works so well in the bedroom like that.

    Yard sales - they are my life. I'm going to get that bumper sticker that says "We stop for yard sales".

  9. What wonderful new additions to your home. Love the mirror. xo Laura

  10. Oh, my! That mirror is so beautiful.

  11. Wow, you scored some goodies! Love the mirror too....

  12. Perfect and beautiful pieces and you found the perfect homes for them!

  13. They are both great pieces. I haven't been able to get out to sales since mid-May but I hope there will be a few left this summer. Have a great Sunday.