Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Amigurumi Crochet

                                          Hi !   I'm Lucy!

                           A Golden Retriever puppy!!

                                         I'm only 5" tall.

            My grand daughter has a golden retriever called Lucy.
                        Lucy is 7 years old.

                     My grand daughter came to me one day and asked
                             if I could make a Lucy puppy ...

                       So after searching the net for an Amigurumi
                                 Golden Retriever...not one like Lucy to be
               the next best is to improvise .

                 I found a pattern for a puppy , but it had a round
                     head and a golden has a long snout.
                         So I changed up the pattern to suite my

                     Lucy was created!!

                         Here she is with puppy......

                           A side profile....

               Isn't she cute!! My grand daughter picked her
                          up the another night and jumped for
                   joy since I told her that I was still working 
                              on Lucy.......

                     Thanks Nana your the best!!!!

                             So next on my list of Amigurumi
                      is a Unicorn...ssssshhhhh it's a secret....

                                       Love to hear from you, leave a message so I know
                                                        you stopped by!!



  1. So cute! You are really into this amigurumi, eh Linda?
    I made a wee mouse...I found the srms and legs so small to work with...
    Lots of free patterns on the internet.....
    You are so smart to improvise...
    Enjoy your evening
    Linda :o)

  2. Oh how adorable! You're every grandkids dream to have a grandmother that takes the time to make homemade animals for them.

  3. How so adorable....can't wait to see the Unicorn!!!

  4. Hi Linda,
    Sweet puppies you have made! I love your lavender topiary also.

    Thank you for your visit today.

  5. Sweet!!! Can't wait to see the unicorn!!

  6. Hi Linda,
    Looking fabulous so far. Love the colors.

  7. Lucy is adorable! I love yellow labs. One of my favorite dogs, but don't tell Finlay or Fergus!

  8. ahhh, this is as cute as it can be. You ae sooo good at crafts....I know your grand is thrilled over Lucy.:)

  9. how did i miss this post? that is just wonderful and so special. i love golden retrievers - they are the best. you are such a good nana. cant wait to see unicorn.