Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hydrangea Painting .........

                                   Hi everyone! So happy you stopped by.
                                      My grand daughter and I have been so
                                         busy this summer that I forget to
                                           share our projects with you.........

                            I always keep $store canvas on hand in my studio
                                  just in case the urge to paint arises.

                                          You know how much I love Hydrangeas......

                                              So the inspiration for these paintings
                                               came from my love of Hyrangeas.

                                              Miss A. first painted this beautiful vase
                                                   and filled it with hydrangeas.

                                        Then we decided to take it one step further
                                                and copy the flower from my urn.

                                        First we painted a background of many colours
                                               then started with a dark blue paint and
                                              with brush strokes in a circular motion
                                                   started painting the flower...........

                                           adding white, pink, soft purple to the petals...
                                                         with love you could see before our
                                                           eyes the flower taking shape.

                                                      Then with the end of our paint brushes we
                                        dabbed some yellow mixed with green to the centre of the

                                      Next came the stem, then the leaves ........

                                                             I added a few extra flowers to mine......

                                              Have fun with your paintings.......

                  Did I ever mention to you that all my painting supplies are from the $store.

                                               You don't have to spend a fortune
                                      on paint and brushes to show your creativity.

                                             Try your hand at painting .....

                                      Leave a comment so that I know you stopped by!
                                                     Love hearing from you.


                                                       *****did I mention Miss A. has a birthday
                                                                      this month and she will be turning 11 yrs*****



  1. Great job! I'm not artistic at all, so I do my art with my camera.

  2. Well you two are little artists! I love the pictures you both painted. They are so good! I wish I was a good artist like that. It would be fun to take classes, I think.

  3. The apple didn't fall far from the tree Miss A. is just as talented as her Grandma. Oh to be so talented. Love both of the pictures.

  4. OMG Linda they look fabulous!! Love them...I see talent runs in the family :-) !!

  5. Oh Linda, they're beautiful! I wish I was an artist and could paint like that!!

  6. Oh what fun!
    Glad you are having fun with your granddaughter♥️ guys are pretty good!
    Linda :o)

  7. I'm certainly no artist but painting is like therapy for me! :) So glad you mentioned supplies at the $ store...I've been thinking of trying again. You and Miss A did a great job on yours! You're creating treasured memories ~ enjoy every moment. Time is not guaranteed for any of us.


  8. Beautiful paintings, Linda! Your granddaughter is taking after you. I have a grandson turning 11 this summer, they grow up so fast. It's nice to see you enjoying time with yours. Debbie :)

  9. You inspire me to get my paints out! Now if only I had some hydrangeas blooming (other than my old Annabelles).

  10. I love that you shared your paintings!! So wonderful. Makes me want to experiment more.
    Have a great day,

  11. Ahhhhh, what a sweet dear post. i love it. those pics are simply precious. painting is something i am determined to teach myself. i really want to learn more about watercolors. happy friday. have a great weekend, linda. cheers!!

  12. How they are so lovely...took a watercolor class, but was not very your art!...