Saturday, 26 July 2014



                                                    Welcome Friends!!

                              I don't know about you but this month has flown by.
                             We have been so busy and I have so much to share with you....

                                                 But first I'm going to share my Vegetable Garden.......

                        You might want to grab a cuppa and sit back , this is going to be a long post.

                                                   Remember when I purchased this cute rooster.

                                                                The garden looked liked this.

                             Well after a couple of months it has blossomed to this.

                                             The corn is still growing...but that's ok I use it for decorating
                       in the fall...........the sunflowers seem to be very small....don't tell me I planted the
               wrong kind...... Oh well they will still look great in a vase.

                                Our Kale has done superb and we have harvested quite a bit.
                                                   Love Kale and it's so good for you.
                                                        Make Kale chips, or pesto....
                                       I make pesto and keep it in the freezer to have in our quiche.

                                                   Lettuce....oh the abundance of lettuce......The more you pick
                                        the more it grows........
                                                             Tomatoes are growing like ripe ones yet.
                                             My zucchini are flowering but no zucchini to harvest.......
                                                   We haven't had the rain that we normally would and I
                                                              guess I have kinda left the watering to Mother Nature.....

                                                         The same goes for my cucumbers......

                                                   We have already ate the beans......
                                                          The egg plant has many small babies...never
                                             grown egg plant before so I don't know what to expect......

                                                                Beets.....we will have an abundance......

                                                       My thyme, rosemary and basil seem to have thrived.

                                                                       Now look at my pumpkin patch.....

                                                       Hope many grow since we have many flowers on the vines.
                                                                              Again these will be used for fall decorating and
                                                    hopefully many to go to the grands.......

                                                                                Look what the birds planted in our fire
                                                               pit.....I won't let Mr. WWH burn so they will grow tall.
                                                                                 I guess so will the

                                                         Here's the side of my garden shed.............
                                                                Mr.WWH insists that I use that rain barrel.......
                                                                              My flowers there are flourishing....

                                                              A picture taken from our kitchen window.......

                                                     Lastly here is a picture of the back of our home.
                                                           Our deck gets alot of use over the summer months.
                                                                       The link fence was put up to keep out
                                                                           critters (coyotes...) and keep the dogs

                                                                You can see that the ground is very dry and needs
                                                                                    a good watering........

                                                                     Benny managed to get in the picture.
                                                                             Funny he was to be a small dog....
                                                                               A cross between a chihuahua and
                                                                                     a miniature poodle.....more poodle
                                                                                       then chihuahua.....we love him dearly.

                                                      Tell me how does your garden grow ........

                                                   Just thought I would let you in on one of the crocheting
                                                                 projects I'm working on....... can you guess
                                                                       what it is???????

                                                               Whew!!!! That was a long post.......
                                                                 As always thanks for stopping by!
                               Love hearing from you.....leave me a message won't you...........



  1. The veggies garden is looking amazing and I'm sure you are enjoying all the fresh veggies. Your kale is mazing, mine just isn't doing that well this year.

  2. What a lush beautiful garden...and I know those veggies beat anything you could buy in the store!
    Have a great weekend, Linda.

  3. WOW ! Wonderful veggie garden . I will be doing one for next year ! Lovely property you have . Rain for tonight here thank goodness we need it ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  4. WOW Linda your veggie garden looks amazing!!

  5. Your garden looks so healthy! I have kale too, but haven't harvested any yet. I guess its ready. We are eating cherry tomatoes, potatoes and onions as well as lettuce. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your garden is so green and lush. Here in the piney woods of east Texas, we are harvesting our tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and okra. The green beans, onions and potatoes are finished. We are now readying the garden for fall planting.

  7. Your garden looks wonderful!! The kale looks beautiful.


  8. Hi Linda! Your vegetable garden is looking gorgeous! Kale pesto sounds delicious - do you have a recipe you could share?