Monday, 28 July 2014

Paper Pom Poms

                                     Welcome Friends!

        Well we are finally getting rain.... much needed rain....... that should help my
                            vegetable garden.

                            Large Paper Pom Poms.....
                                   Seen them hanging in stores .....

                   Well Miss A. was planning her birthday party around a Oscar theme...
                         We made fancy cupcakes and scrumptious double chocolate chip

                Then we went to the $store and purchased 3 packages of tissue paper.
                                 20 sheets to a package..... total costs $3.00 plus tax.

                  Divided the sheets into 10 and proceeded to fold them in an accordion fashion.
                               approx. 1 1/2 wide.

                      Then fold it in half and with a pipe cleaner tie off . Make a loop at one end
                                          for hanging......

                 Then with your scissors round off the edges.   

                                Now you are ready to fan out the sheets ....
                                     take one at a time and pull up towards the centre.
                                            continue to the end then fluff up....

                              It's that simple and they turned out great.......


                                                  Fantastic for the Oscar Birthday Party!!

                                                          Have fun !! Don't let a day go by without
                                                                   trying something new!!

                                              Thanks for stopping by!
                            Leave a message won't you, love hearing from you.


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  1. Thanks for the idea. I made some for my daughter's wedding a few years ago and currently I'm helping her plan a 1st birthday party. I think I'll make some, thanks for the reminder! I hope your party was a huge success!

  2. Super cute!! We just added poms poms like this to my youngest daughters room.

  3. I remember making those when I was a much fun and they are so pretty!!!

  4. I love paper pompoms! If I had a girl I would make them to hang from her ceiling. So cute!

  5. My goodness, I haven't made these in forever!! So cute.
    And I love your little encouragement at the end - don't go the day without trying something new. I love it and may steal it!!