Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Amigurimi Lion

                                             Welcome Friends!

    Did anyone guess what this was going to be................

                         Miss A. asked me to make her a Lucy (her golden retriever)
                                             seen here......

             I knew I needed a golden yarn and proceeded to crochet a ball form for the
                     body of the dog.......Yikes I realized I didn't have enough yarn so I used another
                               and made an Amigurimi Lucy....

                                So sitting in my yarn cupboard all lonely sat this golden ball.

                                                     What could I make ....I wouldn't unwind my work
                                                              then a thought came to mind......

                                      I crocheted some legs and a tail.......
                                            seen here.........I guess you you wondering what that was.
                                                            if you saw it on my post.....

                                      Next I crocheted the eyes and brow , then two ears and sewed them on.......

                                                             All Lions have a mane so I crocheted a mane.....

                                                                           LEO was born.......

                                                                  Such a cute Leo!!

                                              Our grand son hugged and kissed him and I knew then that
                                                                         he went to a great home!!

                                                Don't let a day go by without trying something new!!

                                                                    Thanks for stopping by!
                                                 Leave a message won't you, love hearing from you.


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  1. He's so cute!!! Love the eyes! Where do you find the time to do everything you do?

  2. wonderful! i like that. hes very charming. cheers!!

  3. Oh, how adorable! The cute little lion with the great big eyes is my favorite.
    Great job.

  4. That is adorable! I love the face you put on it. It's no wonder that it was a hit with your grandchild.