Friday, 1 August 2014


                                           Hello friends!


                              We all love them and all their different varieties.

                                        My Annebelle are doing superb.

                            Love the big mop heads that will turn to green then they
                                     are ready to pick and dry.........

                                 Then to my surprise .........a pink hydrangea bush in my garden......
                                              I knew I had a Hydrangea bush by the leaves but
                                                     it has never flowered till this year.....

                                                           The heads are not as big as the Annebelle
                                                        but I'm sure with time they will grow as lush.

                                               Yes and endless summer (blue ) that I planted in my
                                                                front urn.......

                                               Well for some unknown reason they
                                                        have turned to a light pink!!!!!!

                                     Too much acidity to the soil maybe......anyone have any suggestions.

                                                              Come fall I will plant this one in the garden.

                                            I love how tall my false sunflowers are and ready for bouquets....
                                                   In amongst the sunflowers are purple cone flowers.

                                                           The birds must hast planted these seeds for I have
                                                  another garden that is only purple cone flowers and phlox.

                                                     Somewhere hidden in this bed is a rose bush.
                                                                       It's long finished blooming so I'll
                                                            keep it where it is. It's one of the first bloomers
                                                                              in the spring.

                                                     Well it's a long weekend here in Canada so
                                                           to all my Canadian followers have a safe
                                                                    and happy Civic holiday!!

                                                               Thanks for stopping by!
                                                  Leave a message won't you, love hearing from you.


                       Keeping my hands busy I'm working on another crochet project.....
                                     can you guess........I will give you a hint's finished
                                              size is 19" x19".


  1. I love these gorgeous flowers, however they do not grow in the desert, so I use the faux, next best thing.

  2. Beautiful blooms, lovely crochet project.
    Enjoy the weekend

  3. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers. you are lucky to have so many blooming at once right now. It gets very hot here, so mine are a bit more tempermental. I am enjoying seeing the one that I planted recenlty doing so well though. Fingers crossed!

  4. This year has been a banner year for hydrangeas here on the Island. I have a beautiful blue, a deep purple, a white and a nearly-raspberry red - all nameless and all beautiful!
    I can't guess what it is you're making, but it sounds like it could be a small table topper.

  5. Awesome, Linda!! My pinks aren't blooming this year. Think the hard winter froe the buds. Oh well, my Annabelle's are doing well.