Monday, 4 August 2014

Fresh Bouquet


                                    Happy to share with you my lovely large bouquet
                                                         of fresh flowers.

                           The giant sunflowers....don't  they just say fall is just around the corner.....

                                      Beautiful blue Hydrangeas......these I have separated into
                                                     their own vase hoping to dry them.......

                                  Green berries....bright yellow flowers...greenery....
                                                       Three Yellow long stem roses......

                                                             They sit in a very large Vase.

                                    Love to be able to preserve the sunflowers......
                                                      any suggestions???????

                                                         I have kept out the Yellow Roses
                                          and have used an old technique of spraying them with hairspray
                                                             to preserve them a little while longer.

                                                   Then I will hang them upside down to dry.

                                    Even tough summer is still with us for awhile
                                             fall keeps creeping into my thoughts....

                                           The crimson reds, bright oranges, tall leather boots,
                                                      sweaters on cool nights, and plaid blankets.

                                         That large vase can be used for so many of my vignettes.
                                                                   I can fill it with candy.....
                                                                   I can fill it with Xmas decorations....
                                                                   I can fill it with greenery ......
                                                                   I can fill it with lights.....
                                                    I can fill it with......the list goes on and on and on......

                                                                 What would you use it for?

                                                            Thanks for stopping by!
                                      Love hearing from you, won't you leave a message!!


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  1. I love sunflowers too! If you find a way to preserve them, let me know!!!

  2. Love this Linda. So pretty. Happy Monday.

  3. This made me wish to find sunflowers today - perhaps at a roadside stall. The hydrangeas aren't yet ready to pick for drying - still too new and they just wilt. It's hard to hold back!

  4. I don't know about preserving them. Making them last longer by putting in the fridge at night. Also cut the stems shorter every other day. They can last a couple of weeks if you do these things. Problem being, fitting them in the fridge. Love the as well and I got some this week-end at our Farmers Market.

  5. Beautiful flowers and I tried to preserve sunflowers with not much success..Hope you are able to make it happen!

  6. I love your pretty sunflowers! You have a nice full bouquet too. All of your flowers are pretty right now. I've never heard of using hair spray for your roses. It makes sense though. I bet it helps to hold their shape while they dry.

  7. Never had any luck preserving sunflowers. The petals always dry up and fall off. It's sad because they are so beautiful. Let us know if you find a way.