Thursday, 14 August 2014

Painting on Screen

                                                   Always wondered how to paint on

                            Last season while out antiquing I picked up these two window  sashes.


                                 Not sure at the time what I had planned for them
                                        so they sat in my studio till I started decorating
                                                         for Christmas.

                                               Here they are, on my front bench
                                                      do you see them.

                                        Once the snow melted and the ice thawed I
                                                cleaned them up and they sat once
                                                      again in my studio .............
                                                     I happened to stumble on them
                                                              while I was looking for something and thought
                                                                it's time......So I cleaned them up.....
                                                Asked Mr. WWH to add some screening to the backs of them.

                                                        Miss A. and I got started......brought out the carryall
                                                                with all the paints, brushes and paper.

                                                  I keep a roll of Kraft paper to lay out on my
                                                         harvest table for just such occasions........

                                                            First we painted a background on the screen.
                                                                 Miss A. painted hers blue and then
                                                                           stenciled on white snowflakes.

                                                          While that was drying she whitewashed the wooden sash.

                                                                             Then added a wee caption........

                                                                            "Let it Snow"
                                           For mine I wanted a Harvest I painted pumpkins.......


                                                        Then I added a few paints together and applied
                                                                   it to the frame.

                                                  (   I did take before pictures...but when cleaning up
                                                                       my pictures I somehow deleted them.)
                                                                            One word of caution.....
                                                            Make sure you load up our paint brush with
                                                                              lots of paint......

                                                                    Again we used $ store paints.

                                                                Have some fun and try your hand at
                                                                         screen painting......

                                                             Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Those look cute! Such a nice way to repurpose those old windows.

  2. Cute Idea. they turned out really nice.

  3. Great project - I'd never have thought that the screen would hold the paint,

  4. LOVE the way they both turned out...soooooo cute!!

  5. So so unbelievably gorgeous! And I adore the lens that all the photos were taken with as well.

  6. That is a fun project and they turned out really good. I did painting with my 4 year old granddaughter on Wednesday ... we paint rocks and added goggly eyes, yarn mouth and a shell for a hat. Fun project ... and she chose her favourite colours of pink and purple.

  7. Great idea, Linda. Love the pumpkin - it will be perfect in the coming weeks.

  8. They are both so beautiful....great job!!...

  9. This looks like a fun idea Linda.