Tuesday, 26 August 2014


                                                Missed Christmas in July
                                                        so why not August!!

                              Miss A and I have been busy painting.......

                                              No surprise....is it!


                                           Mr  WWH is in his workshop finishing up some
                                                     rustic frames to be whitewashed then
                                                           we will frame them.

                                              These canvas's are from the $store
                                                            9" x 12"

                                                The paints that we used are all from the
                                                               $ store......

                                               Want a closer look....

                                               Here's Miss A's.......

                                       Miss A. is only 11yrs old and loves to paint.
                                         What an exquisite piece.
                                             All of our work is freehand....

                                                      No tracing then colouring in.

                                   I was taught some 20 years ago folk art.
                                          I'm self taught on canvas.......
                                                  so over the years I have had the
                                       pleasure of sharing my paint brushes with
                                                     Miss A. when she comes to stay.

                                         Adding some snow with the end of my brush.....

                                         $store paints, brushes and canvas and with some
                                                           imagination can inspire and motivate

                                    "    Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes "                                                               

                                              Here is last year's Christmas in July
                                              when we painted on wood pallets.


                                               Hope you will give painting a try!

                               I have seen many of you already speaking about  Fall
                                            Decorations and I myself have started to
                                            get on the bandwagon by getting a head start on
                                                  hooking a pumpkin pillow.
                                                   Here's my progress......

                                    Yes I'm also a hooker, crocheter, knitter, quilter...............

                                             Oh yes I finished this..... did anyone guess
                                                         what it was????

                                             I'll share some pictures in another post.

                                        Have a great day everyone and make the most
                                                               of it!!
                                            Thanks for stopping by!




  1. It must be wonderful to be crafting with your granddaughter♥️
    Good gor you, Linda....and Miss A!
    Enjoy this wonderful weather..
    Linda :o)

  2. Very creative, love the paintings. I'm still not working on anything yarny, or sitichy, or hooky. One of these days I'll get busy again ... still enjoying the outside as much as possible.

  3. What a creative person you are...so nice to
    be so talented and able to pass it onto your granddaughter.

  4. She's talented! I tried a folk art course years ago too. We did a few pieces and my chicken's and strawberries were okay, but just barely lol. My sil was awesome and I kept comparing myself. Love the hooking and the crocheted piece is pretty.

  5. So cute ! It is hot and humid here today looking at the paintings helps cool me off ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. It seems everyone is on the fall bandwagon here in blogland that I've started doing some things too. Yikes! At this rate we'll be doing valentines day in November!!
    You've got such a nice tradition with your granddaughter. She's turning into quite the artist, just like her grandma.

  7. Your granddaughter is a natural artist! Her painting looks as good as any I've ever seen. I think both of you did a great job. Those pictures would make cute Christmas cards too.

  8. These turned out great!