Thursday, 30 October 2014

A UFO or UnfinishedObject.........

                                          Thought I had you there eh!!!!

                                    Another afghan finished and under my belt...

                                             It only took a year and a little......

                                    No I don't usually take as long to crochet an afghan
                                                but this one was different......

                              First I made a chain of 165 stitches......with a K hook

                                      Can you remember a year or so ago Tunisian Crochet
                                                  that I was being taught by a good friend....

                                                     The crochet hook made by her hubby
                                                              only 30" long.... no that's not
                                                                    a typo......


                                                     To refresh your memory go here.

                                                          Well the long journey started....

                                              Yes and around that same time Benny
                                                           came into our lives.....

                                                                   Yes a puppy.....

                                             So you can see where I'm going with this....

                                              I have a 30" long wooden hook in my hand placing stitches
                                                    on the hook and taking them off the hook....
                                                             and a puppy trying to bite the end of the

                                             So I worked on it here and there......

                                                           This past summer Miss A noticed it in my
                                                                     studio and she asked Nana when
                                                                               do you plan on finishing
                                                                                      my afghan....

                                                                       Just asking!!!!

                                            So now and then I picked it up and just last night
                                                              I finished it!!!!!

                                                           TA!!!! DA!!!!!
                                                         Drumroll please!!!


                                      Yarn... was Red Heart for the soft rose colour
                                and my contrast was a soft pink......mega lb  Lion brand....


                                                  This post is dedicated to my dear friend Janet!
                                                            Thanks for teaching me a new

                                                            Now back to working on



                                                            Basket of Rainbows


                            ****Love hearing from you......********



  1. Very pretty! What stitch is that? I suspect I don't know it, because I don't have a 30" hook. I love the rainbows in your basket, too.

  2. Thanks Linda you did a beautiful job. The hook is a piece of 1/4" oak doweling 30" long and my husband used a grinding wheel to make the stick pointed and then a small triangle file to put the hook in the end then double 00 steel wool to smooth. This is not as hard as it sounds. We are in Galveston Texas tonight temp today 82.

  3. I can't wait to see your rainbow afghan finished!
    The colors are beautiful. What stitch are you using?

  4. Just beautiful! I almost break out in hives looking at crochet or knitting needles. :) I so wish I could do it but seems my mind doesn't.


  5. Its gorgeous! Now does your granddaughter get it as a gift since she' stye one who spurred you on to finish it?

  6. What a beautiful afghan! There's nothing softer and warmer than curling up with one of those.

  7. How gorgeous...wish I was patient enough to sit and learn when my mom tried to teach me to knit!

    1. Thanks! There are many tutorials on line teaching you the basics. Never too old to learn new tricks!