Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Don't throw out those dead mums.......

                           Oh again I can't tell you how much I love this time of year!

                                               Let's talk Mums.....

                              Back in September I purchased 2 large yellow mums.....


                                               Oh they were so bright and cheerful
                                                       at my front door.....

                                                 Then the frost and rain and......

                                                     came and turned these beauties into
                                                              an ugly brown mess......


                                   The first thing I wanted to do was to throw them out....

                                                       but wait ...Out came the shears and I
                                                                 gave them a good haircut.....

                                             To me they look a little like a topiary...

                                                         or would you say more like a

                                          So don't be hasty.....give those mums a good haircut..

                                                  and just maybe they may flower again.....

                                             Look...... see..... who landed on this pumpkin....

                                                      That's a sure sign that November is not far away

                                                                     Halloween is fast approaching!!


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  1. Wow, Linda. Amazing what a pruning will do. I love your new header.

  2. Great idea! I think that's why I don't usually buy mums because they don't flower very long. Another blogger mentioned on her blog that you should not let water touch their leaves when you water them. Guess that's why they look worse after rain.

  3. Do you keep your mums over the winter? This year, instead of planting them in the ground, I planted them in big pots. I'm going to see if they will come back.

    1. No I have never tried! I have kept pointsettia though.

  4. Thanks for sharing this I'm going to try it.

  5. Hi Linda, Thanks for the tip about dead heading them-never tried it but I do always plant my mums after they've bloomed and then they come up year after year, getting bigger each year. I'll have to try the haircut though.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. Wow, good idea. Never would have thought of that but they do have a topiary effect.

  7. That's a good solution. I didn't buy mums this year. I planted small boxwoods in the planters at our garage in the spring and they still look good. I doubt they will survive the winter, buy maybe I should try planting them.

  8. One of my mums split open from a heavy rain we had and I was going to toss it when I noticed there are new buds growing at the base of the plant. I broke off the broken parts and planted the rest in my garden. I'm hoping it will grow back next year. The tag says it can be planted so here's hoping. ;)

  9. You're truly the eternal optimist!! But I'll give it a try!!