Monday, 17 November 2014

Bleaching Pine Cones DIY

                                                    Nature Inspired ....I love the look of Naturals..
                                                            Birch logs, berries, bird nests......

                                                         These pinecones were so easy to make....
                                                                 Time for a Christmas DIY!

                                                             They turn out a white and taupe mix...

                                                               I kept the the natural look by knotting
                                                                        twine and gluing it on as

                                       Here are the supplies you will need:
                                         .  pinecones
                                         .  bleach
                                         .  a tall cylinder
                                         .  glass or cup
                                         .  water
                                         .  twine or ribbon
                                         .  hot glue gun

                                           1. in a large cylinder ( I used a Vase) add 2 parts bleach
                                                            and one part water

                                           2. put in your pinecones and weigh them down with a
                                                         glass or cup

                                           3.   in 3 to 4 days they start to turn colour
                                                     they also close when wet

                                               I changed up the water bleach solution  on day 2

                                                               You can see the difference

                                                        I kept mine in the water bleach solution for
                                                                     4 days then I laid them on a
                                                                                tray to dry.

                                                                To speed up the drying process put
                                                                     them in the oven on a low temp
                                                                               150 degree
                                                         KEEP AN EYE ON THEM!!!
                                                       Once dry they open up then glue on your twine
                                                                        in the centre of the bottom



                                                              These are a fun DIY!!

                                                                  So Beautiful!!

                                           With Christmas just around the corner I'm
                                                            dedicating this week to
                                                       Christmas countdown

                                                          Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I've never heard of bleaching pinecones before. Looks like the turn out pretty afterwards!

  2. I love the way the pinecones look bleached. I would have never thought it was that easy to do.

  3. Hi crafty gal you!
    One year, I sprayed glue on them and dusted them with sparkles...looked good!
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  4. I've seen this before and these turned out great


  5. I have a big container filled with pinecones and bleach right now. Today's the day they come out of the solution. Hope it works as well as yours did.