Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Tomato Cage Tree

                                     This is a fun project just in time for the Holiday Season..

                                          Having many tomato cages in the shed and
                                             leftover...don't know how I'm going to use
                                                 it..... FAUX GARLAND

                                                         I decided to make a tree...
                                                             not just any old tree
                                                               but this tree is going
                                                                  to be  NATURE INSPIRED !

                                                  So let's get started shall we.....

                   Supplies you will need:
                    . tomato cage
                    . faux garland
                    . florist wire


                                                         Wrap the top with the florist wire
                                                                         as shown...

                                                     Now you are ready to assemble this cute tree..


                                                                 Start at the top and wrap garland
                                                                       around and around the
                                                                           tomato cage till
                                                                        you reach the bottom.

                                                                  Now use some of the florist
                                                                     wire to hold the branches
                                                                         to the tomato cage.....

                                                               Time to get creative...

                                                        time to shape it
                                                                 pull out and fluff up                                                 
                                                                       and make it look like branches


                                                              It's beginning to look like a tree....

                                                    I had some bittersweet leftover from
                                                            my fall urn and used it to wind
                                                                 around my tree......

                                                            Grape vine would also look
                                                                     very rustic....

                                                                Thanks for stopping by!

                                            go here for tutorial on bleaching pine cones            

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  1. That's such a great idea! It's also a lot cheaper than buying a ready made tree. They can be expensive. Yours turned out nice and full too. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. I've seen this before. But your's looks a lot better!! Nice job.

  3. I hate great intentions of making one with grapevines this summer, but the time just sped by and it didn't get made ... perhaps this year. Yours looks lovely.

  4. What a great idea!!!..love it...I have so many greens on hand that I think I can make one of these...thanks for the inspiration Linda!