Saturday, 29 November 2014

Environmentally Friendly Felted Dryer Balls


                                       I'm always looking for ways to keep toxins out of my home
                                                 and these felted dryer balls were one way
                                                             of throwing out those dryer sheets.....

The benefits:
                     .     they are 100% natural (no dryer sheets, no chemicals)
                     .     they shorten dryer time ( saves energy and $$$$)
                     .     they bounce around the dryer reducing static
                     .     they last for many years ( saving you $$$$)

                                                     Supplies you will need:
                                                       100% wool yarn

                                                         Simple eh!!!

                                              Just wind a ball the size of a tennis ball
                                                  then throw them in a pillow case (make sure you knot it)
                                                           then pop them into your
                                                    washer on the highest temp......

                                                 What you are doing is felting......
                                                        when they come out of the washer
                                                                  they are very thick....

                                                   Now hey are ready to use.
                                                         I add essential oil to them
                                                                      a couple of drops
                                                                        is all you will need.

                                                    I use doTerra  Essential Oils...
                                                            I used one drop of wild orange and

                                                            Three to four balls is all you will need
                                                                  in the dryer with your clothes.....
                                                           The scent lasts for many loads of laundry

                                                                  When the scent starts to fade..
                                                                       it's time to add another couple of drops....
                                                                    Your clothes come out smelling
                                                                                fresh and clean
                                                                              without the toxins...

                                                          DO YOU KNOW THE BENEFITS OF
                                                                            ESSENTIAL OILS...
                                                                        I purchase mine here
                                                               Check out doTERRA Essential Oils


                                                           Thanks for stopping by!



  1. How interesting. I may need to give this a try!

  2. I've never heard of this before. Good to know. I bet that really is a money saver too.

  3. Neat idea for making your own dryer balls. I did use those hard ones but what a noise they make tossing around in the dryer. I've seen these wool dryer balls for sale at craft shows and always thought I could make them myself. Now I'm using the dryer most of the time I just might give it a go.

  4. I've always wondered how to make these! I think I have some wool in my stash and will be trying it! Thanks for the info.
    By the way, I love the new header pictures!

  5. A very neat idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing.