Friday, 21 November 2014

Nature Inspired Tree

                                                             It all started with this cute
                                                               tree made from a tomato

                                              I knew that this tree was going to be
                                                     decorated with Nature
                                                       from birds to nests, birch logs
                                                         berries, pine cones, milk weed,
                                                            branches, even hydrangeas.........


                                                       Keeping the costs down to FREEEE!!!!!

                                                             do a walk around your yard and
                                                                     you will find all sorts
                                                                        of nature right there for
                                                                             you to decorate with......

                                                          there was a cut up tree just waiting
                                                              to add to my collection.......


                                                              the wooden stars I had ....
                                                          This tree decorates our front bench...
                                                                securely tied with twine on all

                                                                The next day this is how
                                                                     my Nature Inspired
                                                                            tree looked.....


                                                           Mother Nature happened to drop



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  how to make wooden ornaments go here
    how to make a tree go here     how to make bleached pine cones here 



  1. So pretty. Love the fresh snow. We live in an old Christmas tree farm on Spruce Dr.

  2. Cute Cute! I love your sweet tree. I've seen other trees made from tomato cages too, but I like this one 'au naturel'. :) Enjoy the weekend. Pam

  3. I love all of the natural items you decorated the tree with. The hydrangeas are my favorite. I think mother nature just enhanced your tree even more by adding the snow.

  4. It is so wonderful that you have great things in your property to gather and place on the tree...beautiful Linda!...Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm loving it! Tomato cage? You are kidding. What a great idea.

  6. How lovely and I love how the fallen snow layed on top of the tree. Beautiful!

  7. Your nature inspired tree is very pretty! I love the snow addiition too.

  8. Linda this is so pretty. It's nice you can go outside and find these things to add nature to this tree you made


  9. I agree totally, nothing like decorations found in the great outdoors. Yours looks fabulous.

  10. Your tree is fantastic and REALLY great with the snow. :)
    Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving.....