Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Some DIY and Marshmallow pops

Christmas is fast approaching ....the baking is done, gifts are wrapped the house is decorated.........

                                           But I had one last small gift to make......

                                                        This is an easy DIY..

                                 Had some $store styrofoam balls and some $store felt balls
                                                       my trusty glue gun...
                                                 some ribbon and bakers twine....


                                                I just started gluing the balls to the styrofoam ball..
                                                  at the top before I finished adding the felt balls
                                                         I made a hanger with the bakers twine.....

                                                     Finished gluing on all the felt balls ...
                                                           then added a pretty ribbon....

                                                                        Marshmallow Pops

                                     Marshmallow pops are another fast and easy DIY and sooooo gooood!
                                                           chocolate chips melted down
                                                                sucker sticks
                                                                  sucker bags

                                      Place marshmallow on stick then dip into hot melted chocolate
                                          add sprinkles and set them in a styrofoam block to hold them upright
                                              while they harden.   (I used a upside down styrofoam soup bowls that
                                                    I punched holes in  ) set them in the frig to harden then
                                                           dropped them into a sucker bag and wrapped them with
                                                                    bakers twine....


                                                         Making bouquets for hostess gifts...

                                               Wishing all my friends near and far
                                                   Very Merry Christmas!




  1. Those are the cutest!....Have a very Merry Christmas with your family Linda!!!

  2. I am SO making those little pops! Super cute.
    Wishing you a happy at blessed holiday season.

  3. Wish I'd seen this yesterday when the grandkids were here - they would have loved those marshmallow pops. Tucking it away for next year..

    Have a wonderful Christmas, my friend. I hope your home is filled with love and laughter. I've so enjoyed getting to know you better as we shared our projects and ideas. Blogging is a funny business....we build relationships with people far and near.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family!! Wishing you a fabulous 2015


  5. I love those ideas. I especially like the marshmallow pops. What a fun project and look so yummy. Wish I had thought to make those before Christmas.

  6. Hi Linda, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I'm sorry I haven't visited lately-had some health issues pop us and a root canal as well. I hope you have a wonderful New Year filled with joy and love.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Happy New Year Linda!
    Linda :o)

  8. Love the felt ball!..so very cute!...and those marshmallow pops look wonderful...such a great gift idea!!
    Happy New Year!!