Friday, 16 January 2015

Busy Hands...

                                  I have been crocheting up a storm..
                       It's been very cold here so I decided to crochet ..
                              kinda like hibernating...

                        Been using up my yarn scraps left over from the
                                    felted knitted slippers I made my girls
                                            for Christmas....

                        Would you like to see....

                                                     This is a worsted weight yarn and If
                                                                  I make another I would
                                                                      make it in a softer yarn.


                                           This pattern is a over the shoulder shawl in the
                                                           cool summer months

                                                            or it goes over your head in the
                                                                    winter months...

These headbands and neck warmers were very popular with the girls.

Started another project for my youngest grand daughter..

Trying my hand at making a mermaid blanket....
I'll post the finish probably in a few

So with all this crocheting going on
I did a little shopping and picked up a few more supplies..

So you know I'll be busy for awhile....

Oh yes I have another project to share with you 
I have been arm knitting..

I'll share with you anther day.

Take care, Stay warm!
Thanks as always for stopping by!



  1. Oh I love that Linda. It is really cute in the second image and certainly it comes in handy in our climate.

  2. I do love that shawl/cowl Linda! It's gorgeous and so cozy looking. I'd say you've been busy.

  3. Love that cowl! This is the best time of year for crocheting. I was crocheting in the car yesterday while travelling with a friend. She kept turning off the heat and I was getting chilly, so I just pulled the baby afghan over me. I also enjoy snuggling under quilts while sewing down the bindings. :-)

  4. Very pretty ! I do like ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  5. Oh my, you have had busy little fingers! Beautiful work, as always. I think you look adorable in that shawl!

  6. Very nice, are there instructions for the headband and neck warmers

    1. Very easy to make. if you know how to half double crochet . for headbands I ch 15 st. then went in the second from ch with a half db cr across till it measures 17" then tie off and whip st closed .

  7. Looks like you have been a busy girl...I love the picture of you and the scarf!!! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Shirley! Have a great weekend as well!

  8. You certainly have been busy. The project for your grand daughter looks interesting. And it is always nice to buy some new things.

  9. Ooh that cowl is lovely! I knit some intfinity scarves for my nieces for their birthdays and have one left to finish.

  10. Hi Linda!
    Great shot of you in the awesome shawl/cowl/hoodie!
    I know what you mean about the wool...I have chosen the wrong kinds myself...softer is cosier!!
    I really like that it a free one?
    Linda :o)

  11. That sounds like a wonderful way to pass the time indoors while it's ugly outside. I love the items you've made so far! I've seen pictures of arm knitting before. Looks like a real workout!