Tuesday, 27 January 2015

What was old is new again


                                                            Welcome Friends!

                                                          What comes around
                                            goes around!

                              We all know that saying, well in my case
                                                         that's exactly what I crocheted.

                                                   I haven't crocheted a Child's Poncho
                                                   since my daughters some 30yrs ago.

                                                       (whoops I guess that's telling my age)

                                         Well they seem to be the rage or the in thing again!

                                   So I showed  Miss V our youngest grand (7 yrs) my yarn
                                            cupboard and asked what colour would she like?
                                                  She chose the blue and white.
                                          I have these jumbo balls of yarn that my
                                             friend brought back for me from
                                             JoAnne's a couple of years ago .
                                           They were priced so low I couldn't

                                              Lion Brand POUND OF LOVE

                                          # 4 MEDIUM WORSTED WEIGHT

                                                    I used a 6mm crochet hook

                                                First I crocheted the blue and white
                                                    together but found that it was too
                                                      heavy for my liking.

                                                So after a few rows I changed over
                                                      to just the blue.

                                                    It took me a day to whip up.
                                               The pom poms make it don't you think.
                                                     I used my Clover  pom pom maker 2".

                                               Well I couldn't stop with crocheting just one

                                                       this one's for my sweet great niece
                                                              Miss C. she's one yr old.
                                                  This pattern is for toddlers 1 thru 4 years.
                                             This  yarn was given to me by the same
                                                     sweet friend , Lion Brand Jiffy.
                                                    This one is much heavier weight
                                                            #5, with a mohair look.

                                              Called for a #7 hook  but I used a 6.5 hook.

                                                Sat  by the sunlit window on Sunday till
                                                             I finished this cutie!

                                    Miss V has hers and loves it and can't wait to wear it.

                                                     Miss C. I'm hoping to see soon.

                                        If you want more on these patterns visit this site.

                                                    See you Soon!


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  1. Love those Ponchos!
    The new generation will love those too.
    Have a great day,

  2. I've noticed ponchos back in style too. I'd like to buy one if I can find one I like. Yours are very pretty. They remind of the ones that I grew up with.

  3. I noticed the young girls in our family have been asking my sister to knit for them and ponchos were the number one request. Great job!

  4. I haven't seen ponchos for years I wore them when I was little some where home made by my mum and some where store bought and I am almost 50 lol They are beautiful wonderful job ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. How adorable they are!!! You did such a beautiful job.


  6. They are both lovely, Linda!
    I made my oldest daughter one when she was about 5! She will be 41 in April!
    I made her a shawl for Christmas....did you see that post?
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  7. These are sweet, Linda. I remember my sister made me a beautiful one out of wool from St. Andrews Woolens. It had the fair isle pattern around the neck area and was a blue heather wool. Oh I wish I'd kept it. I don't know what I did with it. Maybe its in a box somewhere.

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  9. It has been years since I made a poncho too! I remember making them for myself back in highschool. Wish I had a girl to make one for!

  10. Hi Linda! I came by to say thank you for stopping in to visit at Simplify, and taking the time to leave a comment. I have had such a nice visit here at your lovely blog. I am eager to come back again! The two little ponchos are adorable. I have been on lookout for a pattern to do for my two grandgirls, ages 8 and 6. I will be heading straight over to see the pattern link you listed. So hello, and happy to meet you!
    xo Kris

  11. Oh I love the white and pink one. I remember having one in the 70's. My mama had my Granny's and I think my sister got it when she passed away. When you're exhausted from caregiving for so long, you really let things go that you regret lady. What a treasure for your little girls.

  12. lovely ponchos, if that is what they are still calling them :) Guess that shows my age. I'll have to see if my granddaughter would want one for the spring.