Monday, 26 January 2015



                                                  Welcome Friends!

                              Yes believe it or not it's still

                                  Snow and lots of it !


                                           Come on in! Make yourself at home!

                                                       Cozy up with a warm blanket,


                                                      How about some hot chocolate!

                                          Yes winter......... snowman.....


                                                             The ones to eat,
                                                                 or the one's
                                                                    to build.......

                                                         Anyway you look at it
                                                              olde man winter
                                                             is letting us Know
                                                                he's still here!


                                                So make sure you bundle
                                              up with a warm knitted scarf
                                                  before you head back out!!!
                                            The winds will pick up and they are forecasting
                                                                       more snow.

                                                           Stay safe and warm my friends!
                                                                      See you soon!


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  1. Yes indeed...old man winter is still around!! We're getting hit with a snowstorm today into tomorrow...I love it!! Stay warm:-)

  2. Cold but sunny today, so far we've been lucky with the snowfall but I hear there could be some towards the end of the week.

  3. Love all of your knitting and painting projects that keep you warm both physically and mentally...Pretty things always keep you warm inside!

  4. It's snowy for sure. It's a good time to get cozy.

  5. I love this post Linda. So many reminders of winter and how to stay warm. We're waiting for the BIG ONE coming tomorrow. I won't be leaving the house.

  6. love your wintery photos, dear friend.
    we are having good weather here right now...been a roller coaster ride...snow and cold one day...
    warm and dry the next.
    Stay warm and stay inside. :)

  7. Hope you're staying warm indoors! It is cold down here in GA but no snow for us.

  8. Snowing here a bit today. Although I'm not complaining after last year!!