Saturday, 24 January 2015

What is this???

                                                      Welcome Friends!

                                               What is this?? Can anyone guess?

                                           While in the kitchen section of our
                                       local food store I came upon this kitchen item.

                                                    Hmm what could this be.

                                       At first I thought it would fit over a pot handle,
                                           then I looked inside and it had bumps...
                                               It's made of silicone.
                                                           Have you guessed yet?

                                                   This item is a garlic peeler...

                                              Would you have guessed this.

                                                    Put your garlic clove inside
                                                          and rub it around.

                                                         off comes the skin...

                                                     Keeps the hands from smelling.

                                            Quite the kitchen tool for only $1.00.

                                     Do ever look for kitchen gadgets that are unique
                                                          and different.
                                                How could I go wrong ..only $1.00.

                                                Thanks for stopping by!



  1. that is a neat little gadget ... we do look at the various gadgets and see what is available ... will keep look out for this one

  2. I have one of them!! As soon as I saw your thumbnail in my feed I knew what it was. Mine is white and smooth inside but it works great. I love gadgets for the kitchen. ;)

  3. I did baskets full of kitchen gadgets for the girls Christmas presents this year. I didn't come across the garlic peeler but did find a pineapple slicer. It's a miracle tool


  4. Does it work? I've seen them before and always wondered.

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