Thursday 22 January 2015

Faux Birch Tree DIY

                                                           Welcome Friends!


                 I just could not get this Faux Birch Tree out of my head...
                           I had seen it at Target over the Christmas season...

                                       I have just about every decoration out there
                               and I promised myself that I would not buy another.....

                                                   But this one taunted me..

                                           I went back...No TOO LATE!!!

                                                 Yes they were sold out.

                             As you may have heard Target is closing it's doors in

                                  We never had an online store here  either.

                                   So I decided to make my own tree.

                             I had the perfect cone leftover from some crochet cotton
                                                    a pair of scissors
                                                         a cardboard box
                                                        a glue gun
                                                  craft paint (white and black)
                                                       Elmer's glue
                                                           $store sparkles

                                           So I started cutting out tongue like shapes
                                                    and cutting and cutting

                                          Then I started from the bottom and
                              started gluing the tongues all around the base
                                    then overlapping as I went till I had the cone covered.

                                                 Took my scissors and bent the odd one
                                                          to replicate the birch tree.

                                                      Next came the painting.
                                         The cardboard being a brown taupe I painted
                                                    just enough white so that the brown
                                                         would show through.

                                                    With the edge of my brush I picked up some
                                                              black and dragged it down here
                                                                     and there.

                                                 Once the tree was dry I took Elmer glue with
                                                    a small paint brush and applied it to the
                                                          Added some glitter and applied
                                                           glue then glitter till I was
                                                                 satisfied with the
                                                                 look I was after.

                                            Target's faux birch tree stands 14.5 inches
                                                          mine stands at 9 inches.

                                        I'm pretty happy on how mine turned out and
                                                   saved some money too!

              Mine                                                   Target's

                       "I'd rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing                                             and succeed" -Robert H. Schuller. 

                                                    Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I love your tree much better than the store bought one. Well done, a project to be proud of.

  2. I like yours more very nice ! I have never even been in a Target I was a Zellers employee and wish they would come back , I prefer Walmart at least ours here is a good one has everything we need ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. Look at you, girl! Perfect. On first look I couldn't decide which one came from Target. Your's is great!

  4. Great job!! Sometimes these knock-off projects are just as good as the original (if not better!)
    I've only been in a Target a couple of times and was sadly disappointed by their lack of stock. The American stores seem to have so much variety especially in their home decor section. Every time I went in to a Target here, it was half empty. Sad day for retail in Canada.

  5. That looks so pretty! I think I like it much better than the Target one. Great job Linda.

  6. Well good for you! Your version looks great and just as pretty. I'm always impressed how you can make so many things.

  7. Good for you!! Your version rocks in my opinion. Hey, and with Target on its way out, good idea to get the knock-offs going.